Chilling Drone Footage Shows Russian Soldiers Shooting Unarmed Civilian [WATCH]

Chilling drone footage has shown Russian soldiers shooting down an unarmed civilian as he runs around his car with his hands up. The Ukrainian motorist clutches his chest and collapses within seconds in front of the heavily armed soldiers with white bands, their ID as Russian.

The video, obtained by German broadcaster ZDF, appears to show the Ukrainian motorist being down by Russian Soldiers in front of a woman and a child. The clip shows several cars taking sudden U-turns after noticing the Russian soldiers emerging from a tank. The tank was parked near the highway, which is headed to the city of Kyiv.

Several cars speed off after seeing the soldiers. But a small silver car stops in front of a blue car. The vehicle had bullet marks, and the doors of it were open. Shortly, a driver gets out of the car and runs around with his hands held up. The motorist clutched his chest and collapsed within seconds.

The heavily armed soldiers then approached the car and checked on the driver, who remained on the ground. The soldiers then pulled out a woman and a child from the vehicle. They also dragged the body of the motorist to the side of the road. The woman and child were taken to the woodland. Since the drone failed to capture their visuals, it is not clear if the soldiers gunned them down.

Drone Footage
A chilling footage shows Russian soldiers shooting civilian. Twitter/Screenshot

The authenticity of the Drone Footage

The German broadcaster verified the footage by tracking the Ukrainian volunteer fighter who captured the video. Reporter Arndt Ginzel from ZDF said the clip is genuine. It was confirmed by the geo-tracking information and time stamp.

Zanoza, the drone operator and a member of the volunteer group by Bugatti Company, said he was tracking and filming the Russian tank as part of his work when he captured the visuals. The cars were heading to the capital city when they saw the soldiers emerging from the tank. The incident took place at around 2 pm local time on March 7. The drone operator also said the marks on the tank and troops confirm that they were Russian soldiers.