Chicago Woman Kicks Teen, Pulls Her Hair Over 'Biden 2020' Chalking At Public Park [VIDEO]

The woman told two teens that her husband was a police officer and the 'Biden 2020' chalking was 'insulting'

A woman assaulted a teen at a Chicago park for chalking 'Biden 2020.' Police launched an investigation and are trying to identify and find the woman after a video of the attack went viral on social media.

The incident happened last Wednesday when 19-year-old Alexis Hadac and her friend Haylee Sandoval — also 19 — were babysitting children at the Women's Park in the South Loop. They wrote 'Biden 2020' with a chalk on a sidewalk angering a woman and a young man who accompanied her.

The woman, who did not wear a mask, approached the teens and confronted them about the sign. She told them that her husband was a police officer and the 'Biden 2020' chalking was "insulting." The woman said that it was "her" park and insisted that she paid more in taxes than Hadac and Sandoval.

When Hadac asked the woman her name, she approached the teen and hit her. The woman then tried to run away but Hadac followed her telling her she recorded the assault. The man accompanying the woman turned around and kicked Hadac making her trip on the ground. The attacker continued to hurl punches at the teen who told Sandoval to call the police. Hadac said the man pulled her hair and threw her on the ground and kicked her in the head.

Chicago park assault

"Once he threw me on the floor, he started stepping on me, kicking and punching me, [so] my friend jumped on this guy's back," Hadac told Block Club Chicago. "He started kicking and stepping on her and then he ran."

Hadac said Sandoval's phone fell during the assault and the woman grabbed it. The woman then told the teens she was calling her husband and wrongly claimed that Hadac attacked her. A police complaint was filed and law enforcement authorities launched an investigation into the incident.

After the video went viral, Hadac said nearby residents told her they had encountered the woman several times and she engaged in a similar verbal spat with them.

"I want them both [the woman and the young man] to be arrested and I want her to realize she does not have the privilege she assumes she does," Hadac reportedly said. "She is not better than anyone else and she is not above the law."

Watch the video below.

Warning: Strong language