Racist Arizona Man Abuses Black Man, Says They Were In 'No N****r Zone' [VIDEO]

The man told police officers that he was worried about the safety of his family and said he 'keeps an eye on the neighborhood'

A viral video of an Arizona man having racist meltdown lead to his arrest, according to local reports. The man, identified as Paul Ng, racially abused two black men outside his condo in Scottsdale and told them that the area was a "no n****r zone."

The incident happened on Friday when 25-year-old YouTuber Dre Abram and his friend were on Main Street in Old Town Scottsdale to film for a podcast. In the video, Ng can be seen walking over to the two men and asked them what they were doing.

One of the men counter-questioned him and asked if he knew a lot of white men are doing racist things in this world, sir." To this Ng said: "I am a racist."

"Ok, that's fine. So what's your point. Why are you here?" Abram asked, prompting Ng to respond: "Because this is a no n****r zone."

Abram posted the video on Instagram and went viral over the weekend garnering more than 220,000 views. Following this, Scottsdale police arrested Ng on disorderly conduct charges. He told police officers that he was worried about the safety of his family and said he "keeps an eye on the neighborhood." He also told the police that he did not mean his comments to be "inflammatory" and the incident was "unusual," 12news reported citing police records.

Arizona realtor Paul Ng

Russ Lyon Sotheby's Real Estate Agency in Scottsdale terminated Ng from the job and issued a statement condemning the racial abuse. The agency also said that it notified other real estate companies in the area of Ng's conduct and recommended to the Arizona Department of Real Estate that "his license be revoked."

"On Sunday we learned of an extremely hateful and racist video that was posted to social media showing one of our inactive Independent Contractors, Paul Ng, demonstrating abhorrent, unacceptable behavior. Upon learning of this video, we took immediate action in severing his license, terminating his involvement with us effective immediately and condemning his disgusting behavior," the real estate agency said.

The video suggested Ng worked at a River Trading Post, a Native American goods store. Following this, the store had to clarify that Ng did not work at the store and lived in the building above the shop. River Trading Post issued a statement saying that "racist man has nothing to do with our business and we fully condemn his actions."

Warning: Strong language