Chicago Lutheran Pastor Slammed for Dressing in 'Drag' for Kids' Bible Study

The church encouraged everyone 'to wear garments/accessories that make you feel 100%, like the best version of yourself' for the service.

A newly-ordained pastor from Chicago has come under the spotlight for his 'unconventional' methods to lead church services with children. Aaron Musser was ordained earlier this year in summer. Pastor Musser dressed up as a drag queen in a blonde wig, white dress with makeup on while addressing children at an event at the St Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square last week. The said service took place on Sunday, December 12, wherein, Pastor Musser was seen reading a religious book about Joy to a group of children.

"I have an awesome story to share with you today. I am also a boy most of the time when I'm here, but today, I'm a girl," Pastor Musser said while addressing the children, according to The Post Millennial. In an announcement on Facebook, Musser, who is proudly gay, explained about the Sunday's event and called it a 'dress rehearsal.' He then added that preaching in drag is a 'theological reflection' on joy. "Weaving together the day's theme, queer theory, and lectionary texts, we will 'dress rehearse' for joy," he wrote.

While Pastor Musser was lauded for his 'woke' approach in some circles, the internet largely was 'not happy' with his experimental, unconventional method.

Aaron Musser
Aaron Musser Screen grab - Facebook/St Lukes Lutheran Church

'Seminarian Aaron' would be 'preaching in drag'

St Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square, while announcing the service noted that 'Seminarian Aaron' would be 'preaching in drag,' and that everyone is encouraged 'to wear garments/accessories that make you feel 100%, like the best version of yourself.' The Facebook post consisting of pictures of the service was filled with appreciation for Pastor Musser.

'Its really rotten in America'

Some people, however, condemned Pastor Musser's actions. While some users referred to the incident as 'rotten,' some claimed that it [the church] was 'no longer a church of Christians.' One user, while referring to children, who were present in the service, said that they 'do not have parents.' "They [the parents] sold their kids' soul to earn 'WOKE' points," the user wrote.

"Many of the young gay men say that they were introduced to pimps, prostitution and drugs by drag queens .. seriously these people are not fit to be around children," one user tweeted.