Dubious Video Trends on Reddit, Showing Priest Snorting Cocaine and Having Sex With Woman

A video of a priest caught snorting cocaine and later having sex with a woman has gone viral on social media. Though the video is still unverified, it has been shared on multiple social media sites with users are calling for action against the erring priest.

The nearly 5-minute video was first shared on Reddit by a user who captioned the video, "Pick me up before sermon?"

Priest Remains Unaware of Being Recorded

The video appears to be shot discreetly by a person through a slightly open window as the unidentified priest engaged in the act.

The video begins with the priest seen cutting lines of a white powder like substance on the table. Several users claimed that it was cocaine. After snorting the substance, the priest, who is still wearing his robes, rubs his nose and cheeks before moving to another corner of the room. Another part of the video shows the priest kissing a scantily dressed woman as she moves on to remove her panties. The priest pulls a chair and sits on it and helps lift the panties from the floor.

The priest then sniffs the woman's panties before the couple moves to another room. The clip then shows the woman lying on table as the priest engages in sexual act. It is at this moment that he hears commotion and looks towards the partially opened window. The video shows onlookers rushing off as the priest comes near the window.

Social Media Shocked by the Clip

Though none of the users confirmed the authenticity of the clip, it was still shared on the social media. Several people even debated whether it was a real one or a fabricated clip.

"THAT'S RIGHT IT WAS COCAINE Father where did you get cocaine. You're a priest," tweeted a user.

"Not surprised unfortunately. At least he's not messing around with kids, or livestock," wrote another user.

"When in Colombia, do as the Colombians do," wrote a Reddit user as another added, "I guess some pornos are realistic after all."

"This is absolutely fake, it has to be! It even has the window censors the dirty business hilariously enough. And ofcourse everyone in the clip is a really bad actor, somehow worse than porn. It's kinda funny still. Edit: oh God what did I write, looks like I had a stroke when I read it back now," commented another user.