Check Out Who Are These Sexiest Girls Rising the Temperature on Instagram

These girls have huge fan following on social media, though none of them belong to entertainment industry

Instagram has become a source and platform that has created celebrities from normal life people. It has changed the game of being called Celebs. Netizens from across the world spend hours scrolling through Instagram, and whether admit it or not fingers stop whenever we find any super attractive and hot personality's post. Most of us do go through these profiles and check if we could find something that grabs our interest and attention. We have made it easier for you by finding the profile of a few of the hottest and sexiest girls from Singapore who will make your heart beat faster with each of their posts

Naomi Neo

The lifestyle blogger and content creator on YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most attractive females on Instagram, which is quite obvious with the fact that she has 709,000 followers. She looks amazingly styled in each of her posts and gives major OOTD goals. Her profile page is all about her high-end desirable lifestyle. She also posts many pictures and videos of her cute family. By her looks and lifestyle Naomi is no less than a movie star. She can give tough competition to any A-list actress through her looks.

Naomi Neo

Josephine Yap

Entrepreneur Josephine is the next femme fatale on the list, whose profile is a delight to watch. Josephine is a clutter liberation expert. Her profession itself generates curiosity to know what exactly she does and how. She helps people make a difference in their lives by decluttering. She looks stunning. Her profile on Instagram is full of super attractive pictures. She has a whopping 288,000 followers on Instagram. Her profile page has bikini-clad pictures, exercise routines, and snippets from daily life.

Joseohine Yap

Melissa Celestine Koh

Melissa Celestine Koh is a lifestyle influencer from Singapore. This amazingly beautiful girl has 266,000 followers on Instagram. Top brands like Tiffany & Co and Swarovski love her. She has a very aesthetic profile and posts a lot about her family life and travels. She is a complete diva who would grab anyone's immediate attention in a room full of people.

Melissa Koh

Eunice Annabel Lim

Gorgeous Beauty and Lifestyle influencer Eunice A Lim is a complete stunner. She has 172,000 followers on Instagram, and the number is growing every day. From beachwear and casual wear to Japanese ethnic wear, this girl stuns in every outfit she carries. She gives major goals to girls who want to be perfect modern girls.

Eunice Annabel Lim

Elaine Rui Min

Elaine's attractiveness lies in her happy soul, which is evident on her profile page. She looks charming with the animals she captures the image with. Be it her pet dog or any other animal. This girl is a dog lover and has many posts with her dogs. She is a lifestyle and travel influencer. Her sweet smile and innocent face are sufficient to raise heartbeats. Show why she has 155,000 followers on Instagram.