Check out what is new in GTA online this week

Online players of GTA will have the privilege to pick up another new aircraft and take part in the new adversary mode.

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Rockstar, the American video game publisher, has rolled out the latest update for Grand Theft Auto V online play. The new update allows the users to order a deadly front facing machine gun-wielding twin-propeller plane from Warstock Cache & Carry. After picking up the plane, online gamers can take part in the new adversary mode, Stockpile.

Stockpile: The adrenaline-rushing adversary mode

Two to four teams can take part in the Stockpile challenge. The number of players is limited to 16. The primary objective of the gamer in this challenge is to loot as much as he can and bring it back to the base. The team which loots more will be declared the winner. Versatile players can earn double GTA$ and RP by playing this mode until October 09, 2017.

Apart from the .50 caliber turret and a front-facing machine gun, the plane can be upgraded with additional features like a bay for carrying explosives, Incendiary, Gas and Cluster Bombs. The option of jet-assisted take off is another additional feature which the gamers can give a try.

Additional attractions for this week

This week's premium race is restricted around the docks, and players can participate in it with motorbikes. All the players who participate in this race will earn triple RP, while top three finishers in this contest will get whopping GTA$.

The time trial challenge in this week can be played at the power station. The gamer should set a waypoint to the marker in the in-game map and should enter through the purple corona. Beating the par time will help the gamer to earn GTA$ and RP.

Rockstar also offers a hefty bunch of discounts this week. Gamers can avail 25% discount on Hangar Workshop, Engine and Armor upgrades for all vehicles, Aircraft upgrades, Handling Upgrades, Aircraft Weapons Upgrades, Flight and Air Racing Suits, Mobile Operation Center Cabs, APC and Progen T20 (Super).

As Rockstar is continuously introducing new features and additions to Grand Theft Auto online, its popularity is also reaching new heights, and it is now considered one of the most popular open world online multiplayer video game in the globe.