Celeste Harley, 11-Year-Old Girl, Dresses Up as Kamala Harris, Prompts Senator to Respond

In the video, Celeste is seen strutting outside her house, waving to a pretend crowd as she imitates Kamala Harris

A video of a young girl dressed up as Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, is doing the rounds on the internet. The video was so widely shared that it grabbed Harris' attention and prompted her to respond to the girl.

Erinn Harley shared a video of her 11-year-old daughter Celeste Harley dressed in a blue blazer, heels and a pearl necklace. In the video, Celeste is seen strutting outside her house, waving to a pretend crowd.

When She Becomes Vice President

"When I become vice president, I want to help all the American people. I want to deliver health care for all, equality and justice under the law," Celeste said in the video, before she walks off waving.

Celeste's video garnered nearly 800,000 views and prompted the California Senator to respond to her. "She has my vote. Tell her to keep leading," Harris tweeted to Harley, who thanked her for "inspiring our young women and leading us towards a better future for our children."

In an interview with ABC News, Harley recalled that when Celeste was born, Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech on election night. "It was a moving moment for me. When I was 11 I didn't have anybody standing on that American political stage, not at this level. So it's certainly, for me, moving history forward," Harley said.

Celeste Harley

Talking about the video, Harley said she was surprised that her daughter followed Harris closely. "I had to laugh. Because I thought, 'Wow, she really has been studying Kamala Harris very closely, she even had that wave,'" she said.

Harris, who is half-Black and half-Indian, is the first woman of color to be nominated on a major party presidential ticket. Her nomination was hailed by women of color who found their representation in Harris. Within 48 hours after Joe Biden named Harris his running mate, his campaign raised $48 million, according to Politico.