Celebrity Brand Mdada Faces Trouble After Multiple complaints Over Poor-Quality Products and Delivery Issues

There are also reports of one of the founder's departing from the venture.

Celebrities hopping into e-commerce businesses and launching their own brands is not a new practice. All over the world celebs from the entertainment and sports world are launching their ventures, specifically in the fashion & lifestyle domain. Mdada is a famous celebrity brand from Singapore that is owned by celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee, actress Michelle Chia, and actor-host Pornsak Prajakwit. It uses Facebook live-stream to sell products ranging from skincare to luxury bags.


But recently Mdada has been facing trouble as many customers are complaining of unacceptable long periods of delivery and poor quality of products. A customer Ms. Wu X.Y. ordered an Italian bag from the e-commerce giant in February 2023. She ordered it from the existing stock to get the product delivered early. She was told that it would arrive in a month, 3 months on she is yet to receive the products she had ordered. Her request on the status of the delivery has gone unanswered, she said. Another bag that she had ordered before had quality issues. The bag was not looking like fresh stock. It was dirty and had faint grey splotches on the bag's white leather surface. Ms. Wu is completely disappointed with Mdada's services.

Ms. Wu's case is not an isolated case of such issues. several customers who have lodged complaints against Mdada with the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE). The consumer watchdog said it received 44 complaints against the company between Jan 1, 2022, and April 30 this year. Some consumers have complained about their orders being delayed by several months on a Telegram channel dedicated to answering Mdada client questions, while others have grumbled about the quality of the products received.

Chia addressed the consumer complaints in an e-mail answer and stated that the company hopes to fulfill all outstanding orders, including reimbursements, by June. She blamed the majority of the delays on supply chain concerns, saying, "As manufacturers and suppliers regain pre-pandemic operational capacities, the massive volume of orders Mdada received has resulted in slower fulfillment."

However, there were similar complaints about the company a few months back also. It was also reported in a few media outlets that Pornsak left Mdada due to differences with Michelle Chia and Ady Lee.