CCTV Footage Shows Man Punching, Stomping, and Racially Insulting Asian Women

An Asian woman living in New York is being punched and stamped by a Yorker man in the CCTV footage released by the Yonkers Police Department on Monday. The chilling video shows the victim, 67, returning home when the suspect unexpectedly attacks her in front of her apartment building.

The victim was punched in the face and head by the suspect more than 125 times. The suspect, who is identified as Tammel Esco by the police, stomped her seven times before he spat on her. The incident took place on Friday evening, according to a release by the police department.

The members of the Yonkers Police Department received a call from an apartment building at around 6 pm local time. The call was about an injured woman who was bleeding. The suspect was in front of the location.

"Upon arrival, officers located the victim, an elderly female, in the vestibule of the building with severe facial injuries; she was transported to a local area trauma center. The suspect was located outside the building and placed into custody without incident", the Police stated.

The CCTV Footage:

The chilling video shows the suspect in front of the victim's apartment building. As she walked past him, he called her an Asian b****. When she ignored his racial remarks and walked away, he followed her to her apartment. As she was opening the door to the second lobby, the suspect approached her and punched her in the head without warning.

Esco, 42, knocked her to the floor and continued to punch her more than 125 times in the face and head. The footage also shows him punching and spitting on her, which resulted in severe injuries.

"The victim suffered multiple contusions and lacerations to her head and face, facial bone fractures, and bleeding on the brain; she is currently listed in stable condition and is recovering in the hospital", the Yonkers Police Department said in the release.

Man punches Asian woman more than 125 times. YouTube/Screenshot

'Hate Crimes are Intolerable'

Mike Spano, the Mayor of Yonkers, said in the release that "hate crimes are beyond intolerable in the city". The suspect is to be charged to the fullest extent of the law for his heinous actions, he added.

"This is one of the most appalling attacks I have ever seen; to beat a helpless woman is despicable and targeting her because of her race makes it more so. This defendant must be held to the maximum punishment allowed by law to send a clear message that hateful, violent behavior will not be tolerated in our communities. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and her family, that she may make a full recovery", Commissioner John J Mueller said in the release.

Esco was charged with attempted murder and assault. He was remanded in the Westchester County Jail, and his next court hearing is on March 25.