Caught on camera: THESE horses screw up nursery teacher's story reading session by getting intimate

Things didn't go as per the plans of the school teacher as the horses had other x-rated intentions in their mind.

Horses become intimate while nursery teacher records a video of her reading stories
Horses become intimate while nursery teacher records a video of her reading stories for her school kids stuck at home due to Coronavirus lockdown. Eloise Roberts/Facebook

With the novel Coronavirus spreading drastically all over the globe, millions of people are forced to work from home these days. While some people can remain in their comfort zone by waking up minutes before the login time, there are many others who are struggling to handle the situation. For example, school teachers must look presentable in front of their kids even for video conference classes.

When nursery teacher Eloise Roberts thought of capturing a video of her story reading session for her students somewhere outside rather than her usual boring background, little did she know what was about to happen. Roberts, who is living at the horse riding school run by her partner Steph Smith, decided to take a video with the horses in the background.

However, things did not go as per the plans of the 32-year-old teacher as the horses Sarsons, 6, and Anakin, 5, had other x-rated intentions in their mind. The moment she started reading the book, the duo became naughty and started making love, while the video was being recorded.

Though Roberts realised that the animals were moving in the background, she was unaware of them getting intimate with each other. So, she continued reading the tale of Pop-Up Peekaboo! and the character Cupcake. Only after her partner started laughing, she turned back and saw them in a compromising position and couldn't control her laughter.

"The whole time they'd been out in the field they hadn't been doing that then as soon as I started reading they started. They must have been bored with my story," Roberts is quoted as saying by DailyMail.

However, since it is inappropriate to share the video with her kids, she decided to record the video in another background as the horses were continuing their intimate act. Nevertheless, the school teacher from Moreton, Merseyside in North West England, shared the video on her Facebook account and most of the netizens find it hilarious. "Everyone thinks it's hilarious and my friends have been messaging me to tell me they just keep watching it. Everyone needs a laugh at the moment," she added.

"I was trying to make a video for the children in work, reading a book with the horses. Only Anakin and Sarsons had other ideas!! Twice we tried and he did this!! [sic]," she wrote while sharing the video on social media.

Watch the video here:

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