Rooftop tennis of two Italian girls amid Coronavirus lockdown goes viral; but is it really safe?

The junior girls are seen exchanging shots in a continuous 12-shot rally in the viral video

Due to the mandatory shutdown in many countries amid the Coronavirus outbreak, people are forced to stay indoors. While some find it really difficult to handle the situation, there are many others, who are thinking out of the boxes to keep themselves engaged during this crisis situation.

Looks like nothing can stop people from improving their skills even while stuck inside the homes. Multiple videos of people keeping themselves entertained despite staying indoors have surfaced online. Recently, a clip of two quarantined Italian men playing tennis across their apartment windows had gone viral on social media. Now, a recent video that is doing the rounds on social media shows two junior girls playing rooftop tennis with them maintaining social distancing.

In the clip, they are seen exchanging shots in a continuous 12-shot rally. Reports suggest that the girls seen in the clip are 13-year-old Vittoria Oliveri and 11-year-old Carola Pessina and they started practising upon the instruction of their coach, who wanted them to continue the training at home despite the lockdown.

Tennis in the times of Coronavirus

Two Italian girls play rooftop tennis amid Coronavirus lockdown.
Two Italian girls play rooftop tennis amid Coronavirus lockdown. ATP Tour/Twitter

"Naturally, a few balls during the practice session did not make it across and bounced down into a private road below where the girls' fathers put them in plastic bags their daughters had affixed to the end of fishing poles," reported Reuters.

The incident is said to have happened at Finale Ligure, a comune on the Gulf of Genoa in the Province of Savona in Liguria, Italy. The 22-second video has gone viral in no time and has even caught the attention of many celebrities, who have been appreciating the girls for being creative. The video shared on the Twitter account of ATP Tour has been viewed over 9 million times, at the time of reporting.

But is it really safe?

However, there are a few other netizens, who are of the opinion that rooftop tennis is not safe as there is a possibility for the virus to spread through the tennis ball if one of the players is infected. "Although, this is an amazing video but it could lead to more people emulating something like this. Not sure if this is safe either Because virus spreads through surface as well am sure tennis balls are not virus proof(if either player is unknowingly infected could be a problem) [sic]," commented a Twitter user.

As the netizen pointed out, it has to be noted that the novel Coronavirus can stay active in surfaces for quite some time from hours to days.

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Now, multiple videos of people coming up with their version of practising tennis at their homes with the hashtag #TennisAtHome have been surfacing online.

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