Court rejects certified dead man's plea that he is alive


For the judiciary, evidence and written laws come in the forefront, and sometimes, human emotions go unnoticed. One such case of judicial adamance happened in Romania recently, when a living person's plea to overturn his death certificate was refused by the court.

Details of the incident

It was in January 2018 that Constantin Reliu learned that he is dead. The Romanian national has been working in Turkey as a cook for the past twenty years and when he returned home, he realized that his wife and children had procured his official death certificate.

A shattered Reliu tried his best to prove the authorities that he is in fact alive. However, all his efforts went in vain as a court in the northeastern city of Vaslui pronounced that it is unable to overturn his death certificate as it is too late. The court also said that the decision is final.

"I am a living ghost. I am officially dead, although I'm alive. I have no income and because I am listed as dead, I can't do anything. I think I am going to cry," told Reliu to Associated Press.

A case of infidelity gone wrong

During the interview given to Associated Press, Reliu expressed his desire to take revenge on his wife who is now living somewhere in Italy. According to Reliu, he first went to Turkey as a chef in 1992 and later returned to Italy to witness his wife's infidelity in 1995. In 1999, he returned to Turkey in 1999 to lead a better life.

In last December, Reliu was deported by the Turkish authorities to Romania after his visa papers expired. Once he landed in the Romanian airport, the authorities informed that he has been officially declared dead, and as a result, he was compelled to undergo six hours of questioning. Finally, after measuring the distance between his eyes to confirm his identity, the authorities let him free, but the court gave him the harshest decision of his lifetime.

Now, Reliu is planning to request the Turkish government to allow him to live in the country from now.