Cardi B Touches Sean Bankhead's Penis During Scandalous WAP Dance [VIDEO]

Cardi B is known to be one of the most scandalous artistes in the music industry. After embracing the conservative backlash to her raunchy Grammy Awards WAP performance, the diva has now shared a scandalous video on Instagram, where she's spotted inappropriately touching actor Sean Bankhead.

The sensational singer touches Sean's private parts while performing her steamy WAP number. The controversial queen has levelled up her game on social media by turning all negative comments into helping drive up video views on her Instagram.

In the hot video, the rapper teamed up with actor Sean Bankhead, who is seen thrusting towards Cardi B while stepping up on 'WAP', which topped the charts as it bagged the No 1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 songs. The video song broke records in the music industry and has set a new trend on what the audience wants to consume today.

Cardi B
Cardi B touches Sean Backhead's dick in WAP video Instagram

Cardi B's Grammy Award Scandalous Performance

Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson criticised rapper Cardi B's performance of 'WAP' at the infamous Grammys, claiming that she's destroying America. The WAP song, which features Megan Thee Stallion, has sexually explicit lyrics. Both the singers turned up the heat at Sunday's March 14th ceremony with a saucy rendition of the X-rated song. The stars were spotted grinding against one another onstage leaving many shocked.

Dr. Seuss Ban Vs Cardi B Grammy Performance of 'WAP'

While it is a valid reason for Carlson to highlight the controversy over Dr. Seuss book ban as a jumping-off point to slam Cardi B's WAP performance at Grammys, the diva's fans can't deny that Cardi B's explicit lyrical WAP song is an unignorable art. Conservatives believe Dr Seuss' is the latest victim of a cancel culture perpetrated by the left. The criticism of his books over racist imagery was hypocritical according to Carlson where Cardi B's performance is referred to as 'Art'.

Cardi B's Instagram Post on Touching Sean Bankhead [WATCH VIDEO]

Cardi B shared the scandalous video flaunting her daring act of touching Sean Bankhead's penis on Instagram. While it didn't seem to be hard for the singer to do it, she mentioned that she was nervous while performing the X-rated act with the actor. She captioned the adult WAP video, "Why I got nervous when I touched @itsbankhead," and went on to add laughing emojis.