Cardi B suffers wardrobe malfunction while twerking; rapper has embarrassing exchange with fans

Cardi B.
Cardi B. Reuters

We can't believe that just happened. Cardi B twerked so hard that she suffered a massive wedgie at a concert in New Zealand. The wardrobe malfunction was apparently so intense that Cardi B had to stop the show.

This is a new kind of malfunction. We don't think any star has ever suffered a wedgie that has made them stop a performance.

The incident took place whileCardi B was headlining at New Zealand's Bay Dreams festival. Her green costume was already scanty enough and it is being reported that when the rapper went on a massive twerking spree during one of her numbers, the fabric rode too far up her crotch.

She apparently asked the fired up crowd how they were doing after the song ended and she got loud cheers before announcing, "Anyways y'all I need a little break. I'll be right back. I've gotta take this wedgie out of my ass."

Cardi B
Cardi B Twitter Screenshot

It was an awkward exchange. It is being reported that it was so uncomfortable for the "Bodak Yellow" singer that she needed to head offstage to put her sexy costume back in place before she could continue with her show. Of course, the fans didn't seem to mind, as she came right back and finished up her 30-minute set. Apart from the wardrobe mishap, Cardi B gave a spectacular performance.

Other than the wedgie, Cardi's performance was flawless. Cardi B is reported to have gotten back with her ex Offset as the couple was spotted getting cosy in Puerto Rico. Cardi B had announced her split from Offset last year amid cheating allegations. Offset had reportedly gone to ridiculous lengths to get Cardi back, even going as far as to crash one of her performances so that he could apologise. It seems to have worked as Cardi seems to be giving him another chance. The couple shares a daughter. You can check out the videos

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