Kevin Spacey sexual assault case: Judge denies his request to skip arraignment

People are not happy about Kevin Spacey coming out

The year 2019 seems to not go in Kevin Spacey's favour. After stating that he will plead not guilty to the alleged sexual assault charges, a judge has denied Kevin Spacey's request to skip the court date.

Former House of Cards star Kevin Spacey has found himself under the radar on just the first day of 2019. The Academy Award-winning star has to appear in a Massachusetts court on alleged sexual charges that in 2016, he groped a young man in a bar. A judge has apparently rejected the actor's legal bid to skip the court appearance.

The 59-year-old Kevin Spacey, who was once a household name because of his portrayal of POTUS in Netflix's House of Cards, had recently argued that he should be excused from the upcoming arraignment at the Nantucket District Court. As per his legal team, Spacey's presence in the court would reportedly "amplify the negative publicity already generated in connection with this case," reports Fox News.

Spacey's attorney, Juliane Balliro, had even argued that the star's presence in the court would only increase the risk of contamination of the jury pool. However, Judge Thomas Barrett has denied Spacey's legal team's request on Monday.

Kevin Spacey is allegedly under the media scrutiny over the alleged sexual charges. Back in 2017, Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp alleged that The Usual Suspect movie star made a sexual advance toward him. Following which, several others have come forward with their own story and accusations. However, it is Boston TV anchorwoman Heather Unruh's son's case which is sweating Kevin Spacey these days.

As earlier reported, Spacey is charged with allegedly sexually assaulting Unruh's son. Back in 2016, Spacey allegedly rubbed the genitals of a teen boy at a bar in Nantucket.

Ever since the allegations have surfaced, Kevin Spacey has shared his views for a couple of times. Back when Anthony Rapp came forward, Spacey took to Twitter to apologies the Rapp, saying he was a lot of respect and admiration for him as an actor. In a long tweet, Spacey went on to state that he was horrified by the story and apparently, does not remember the said encounter.

As of now, Kevin Spacey has even stated that he will plead not guilty of felony indecent assault and battery against him.

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