Car Blogger - Kushal S Chandi Unleashing about his Passion for exotic cars taking his venture to the next venture

Kushal S Chandi

From the love of cars and exotic cars to his ventures like Platinum Concierge Group and to blogging, the 19 year old young man called Kushal S Chandi has come a long way in his journey of cars.

There is a deep connection between your passion and blogging. In fact, the latter is a platform allowing the expression for your chosen subject or passion. It helps in carving your niche in the market apart from setting up the credibility in the chosen niche area. One such man is Kushal S Chandi who is a young and talented person. He deals with the rental services of exotic cars in New Jersey. He has kept RDBLA as his mentor and his knowledge and expertise about cars has made him a blogger as well. Since exotic cars and other cars have been his passion, he has gained a good exposure about them and he kept moving smoothly in the desired direction.

He keeps on posting about different cars and exotic cars in his blog and promotes via his social media handles that have made countless readers and car enthusiasts his fans. He is going great guns as an owner of his company along with a blogger as well and the passion for four wheelers would go a long way. He was born and brought up in New Jersey and cars have remained the central point of his life. Cars have remained the centre of attraction in his life, hence when he joined his father with his family business, he also made sure to start his exotic car rental services in New Jersey.

He is just 19 and he has gained a good buzz around his life and cars. The passion of cars started at a tender age of his childhood and it will go a long way in his life. The car rental services moving around exotic cars is known as Platinum Concierge Group and he is still a student of Seton Hall University. Although he deals more into the car rental business full time, his business is more during the weekends. He ensures that he gives the best to his clients when they need his cars the most during the weekends. His motivation has kept him drive smoothly during the weekdays and weekends as he loves to start his day pretty early in the morning.