Canadian oil firm apologizes for circulating explicit cartoon sticker targeting Greta Thunberg

The company X-Site Energy Services has apologized for circulating sexualized image of Greta Thunberg. But it has denied any involvement with the making of the sticker

The Canadian oil company that had circulated sexualized image of climate change activist Greta Thunberg has apologized after the issue became public with a Facebook post and the company was slammed by netizens.

A digital version of cartoon sticker depicting Greta Thunberg in poor light (her hair being pulled as she stands with bareback with name Greta written on it) was circulated among the X-Site Energy Services. The image was a reference to 17-year-old Greta's signature hairstyle.

The sticker also had the company logo, while it asked employees to use it on their hats. Apologizing for their insensitive sticker, the statement from the company said, "We deeply regret the pain we may have caused. Explicit images and personal attacks on anyone are unacceptable." It also promised to do better.

Netizens criticized the company

Greta Thunberg
Twitter / Greta Thunberg

The company issued the apology only after the news became viral on social media and netizens started supporting Thunberg and criticizing the company, affecting its credibility. This company is an oil and gas services provider based out of Alberta. However, even though the sticker circulated among the employees of the company, it denied any involvement in the making of the sticker.

Earlier, it was reported that when Thunberg's sexualized image was brought to the notice of Ex-Site Energy Services manager, he said that he is well aware of the picture making the rounds. He even had said that Thunberg was not a child.

Reacting to the same, Thunberg took to Twitter and said, "They are starting to get more and more desperate...This shows that we're winning." In earlier instances too she had reacted similarly when she led the campaign and protest against fossil fuel terming it affects climate change.

Thunberg marched to Montreal in September 2019

The oil companies had termed the campaign that was attended by thousands of people in various parts of the US as the biggest threat. When she was criticized for her uncompromising attitude against the fossil fuel industry, Thunberg had said, "Thank you! Our biggest compliment yet!"

Leading one of the campaigns against fossil fuel leading to climate change, Thunberg had marched to Montreal in September 2019. Nearly half-a-million people took part in the campaign. The following month saw more people joining the campaign in Alberta that is known as the Oil-rich region.