Canadian Actor Dies of Infection After Undergoing 12 Surgeries to Look Like BTS Star Jimin

Saint Von Colucci
Saint Von Colucci before the surgeries (left) and after. Twitter

A young Canadian actor has died after undergoing a dozen cosmetic surgeries over the course of a year in order to look like BTS singer Jimin.

Saint Van Colucci passed away early Sunday at the age of 22 at a South Korea hospital due to complications from his most recent procedure, his publicist, Eric Blake said in a statement.

Van Colucci Developed an Infection from Surgery

Van Colucci — who moved from Canada to South Korea in pursuit of a career in entertainment and the K-pop industry, went under the knife on Saturday to remove jaw implants he had put in last November.

Following the operation, which he apparently knew was risky, Van Colucci developed an infection and had to be intubated. He died hours later. "It's very tragic and very unfortunate," said his publicist Eric Blake, who had been working with the young actor since March of 2022.

Blake: Van Colucci was 'Insecure About His Looks'

Jimin- BTS
BTS member Jimin

He said Van Colucci had 12 cosmetic procedures over the last year including jaw surgery, implants, a face lift, a nose job, eye lift, an eyebrow lift, a lip reduction and some other minor surgeries.

Blake said his client knew how risky the jaw implant surgery was, since they reshape your natural jaw and put implants in them, but he still wanted to get it done.

"He was very insecure about his looks," Blake said. "H had a very square jawline and chin and he didn't like the shape of it because he thought it was too wide an wanted a V-shape, the shape many Asians have."

Van Colucci to Star in Upcoming Drama, to be Streamed on US Network

Van Colucci had finished filming the Korean Drama, "Pretty Lies," (Cogimar in Korean), in December. He played one of the main characters an international student.

Though he was unable to disclose too many details, he said the eight-episode show is set to air on a major US streaming network in October.

"He was very very excited and worked really hard," Blake said and was hoping the show create some buzz to launch his music career.

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