Camilla Parker Bowles dresses up for her new role as Queen of Britain

Camilla Parker Bowles is making many public appearances now. Queen Elizabeth might soon step down from her throne to give way to Prince Charles. This will make Camilla the Queen

Camilla Parker Bowles, the wife of the oldest heir in British history, Prince Charles, is gearing up for her new role as Britain's Queen. Camilla, in a recent diplomatic event held at Buckingham Palace, wore the most precious Greville Tiara, estimated to be approximately £3 million.

The Duchess of Sussex is making a lot more public appearances in recent years. As there are talks of Queen Elizabeth stepping down from her throne to give way to her oldest son, Prince Charles, Camilla might soon be seated next to her husband in the royal throne!

Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles
Camilla Parker Bowles with Prince Charles Flickr

Camilla Parker Bowles, as is well-known, was considered to be the 'other woman' in Prince Charles's life while Princess Diana was the beautiful wife who was unloved and cheated. Talks about Camilla as the future Queen of Britain began when she married Prince Charles on April 9, 2005. She is now seen very often performing her royal duties along with her husband. Bowles will assume the title of Queen Consort when Prince Charles takes over the monarchy's reign.

Camilla wears £3 million Tiara

When Camilla wore the most beautiful Greville Tiara at a recent event, all tongues wagged as it was one of the most valuable possessions of the Queen Mother. The Parisian luxury jewelry house called Boucheron in 1921 made this beautiful jewel. It was passed on to the Queen after the demise of the Hon. Dame Margaret Helen Greville, a good friend of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1942.

The Greville Tiara was Queen Mother's favorite piece of jewel, and so it is of utmost significance. Camilla adorning this beautiful jewel speaks a lot of her status in the royal clan as it was always associated with the Queen. Bowels accompanied the tiara with earrings made from stones from a Keppel tiara that was bought for her. She earlier wore it as a necklace.

Camilla's fashion statement

Camilla's style and fashion sense have undergone a sea change since the time she married Prince Charles. "Since the Duchess of Cornwall's public persona has changed, so too has her personal style with her fashion choices noticeably shifting up a notch," says stylist and lecturer at the Fashion Retail Academy in London, Anthony McGrath.

According to McGrath, Camilla has a unique taste, which is different from that of Queen Elizabeth and other royal ladies. She keeps away from bright colors and prefers wearing elegant clothes of neutral and pastels tones. "She has finessed power dressing in such a way that there always seems to be a subtle diplomacy to her signature silhouette," adds McGrath.

Well, from the looks of it, it does seem like Camilla Parker Bowles is ready to take on her new role as Britain's Queen. Bring it on!