Queen: Love And War live streaming details, promo, story and more

From cast and plot to premiere date and live streaming details, here is everything to know about upcoming Kdrama Queen: Love And War.

Queen: Love And War is an upcoming Korean Drama (Kdrama) that is scheduled to premiere on TV Chosun next week. The mini-series will feature Jin Se Yeon, Kim Min Kyu, Do Sang Woo, Lee Yul Eum and Lee Si Eon in lead roles.

The historical fantasy drama is written by Choi Soo Mi and directed by Kim Jung Min. It will focus on the life of a woman named Kang Eun Bo, who is in search of her twin sister's murderer. She decides to take a challenging step for finding out the reason behind her sibling's death.

Queen: Love And War will also focus on the life of a young King named Lee Kyung. The character always dreams about becoming the people's King, but he faces several challenges due to some political tension.

Queen: Love And War
Queen: Love and War is an upcoming Korean drama. Instagram/TV Chosun

Here is everything you need to know about Queen: Love And War:

Plot: The historical fantasy drama will revolve around an intense competition for the selection of a new queen – the most powerful lady in the kingdom who will not have to be a faithful servant or rely on ministers for making a decision. Female lead Eun Bo will be one of the competitors for the post.

Cast: Se Yeon will be portraying the female lead and Min Kyu will feature King Lee Kyung. Other lead cast members of the series are Do Sang Woo as Lee Jae Hwa, Lee Yul Eum as Jo Young Ji and Lee Si Eon as Wal

Number of episodes and premiere date: It will be a 16-episode-long drama that will premiere on TV Chosun on December 14.

Watch the trailer for Queen: Love And War below:

This article was first published on December 6, 2019