Cambridge Students Strip Naked and Pose at Landmarks of the City for Raunchy Competition [VIDEO]

The winner of the raunchy 'bum bum' competition of the students is going to get announced during this weekend

The students from the University of Cambridge are getting naked for proving that they have got the best bum on campus for a raunchy competition, as per reports. The Tab, which is a student newspaper is conducting the annual Best Bum contest in the spirit of 'body positivity' and now the young adults are baring the backsides all over the grounds of Cambridge for a chance of winning.

Not even the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic and two national lockdowns have stopped the students Alice and Elsie from getting in the nude. They decided to go for a Christmas theme, wearing nothing but the hats of Santa as they drape a string of fairy lights all over the naked bodies.

Raunchy Competition at Cambridge

Cambridge Competition
Cambridge Competition YouTube Grab/ HillPark1

The contenders who were cheeky have come up with few creative ideas to show off their tushies against the best backdrops in Cambridge, from the famous Bridge of Sighs, till the stunning King's Chapel. British student Clemmie most probably distracted some people who were hard at work in the library of the university, as she posed totally naked in among the shelves of the books.

Meanwhile, the students Angus, Shannon and Matilda from St Johns' give a new meaning to the 'Stairway to Heaven', as they pose on the spiral staircase in the glowing sunset. The voting is currently for the Round One of the Cambridge Best Bums competition, with the Round Two because of the launch later on Wednesday. The winner of the event is going to be announced during this weekend.

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