Cambridge Woman Who Saw Arch-Shaped UFO Claims It Could be Aliens

The witness claimed that the UFO spotted in the skies could be an indication of alien presence on earth

A woman named Kerena who hails from Cambridge has claimed to have witnessed a UFO in the sky near the A428, St Neots Road last week. Kerena soon captured the mysterious visuals on her camera, and it showed a bright light swirling in the skies, very similar to a firework.

Mysterious Lights in Skies

In a recent interaction with Cambridgeshire Live, Kerena revealed that she will not be surprised if these lights are indicating alien presence on the earth. She also made it clear that the maneuvers performed by the light in the skies prove that it was not an aircraft headed to a destination.

Alleged UFO appeared in Cambridgeshire YouTube

2020 Turns Weirder

"My car had broken down and we were waiting for RAC recovery just off the A428 turning onto the B1041 when my son first spotted it. It was just a flashing light. He pointed out that it was going round in a strange pattern, definitely not flying like a regular plane heading for a destination," Kerena told Cambridgeshire Live.

According to Kerena, 2020 is turning weird every day, and it is compelling her to believe that the strange light that appeared in the skies could be aliens from deep space that paid a visit to earth.

"Obviously with the way 2020 is going it leads me to believe it could be nothing other than aliens. There is just no other explanation, the only trails I have seen planes leave are smoke but nothing like this," added Kerena.

Fact Behind Such Images

However, skeptics who saw the video claimed that the mysterious light that appeared in the skies have no alien connection, as it could be most probably a firework.

This is not the first time that a Cambridgeshire resident is claiming to have spotted a UFO in the skies. A few months back, Gerry Underwood, a canal boat owner witnessed a descending UFO for more than 20 minutes. After witnessing the creepy event, Underwood assured that the strange object that he saw in the sky was neither a meteorite nor a shooting star.

Very often such glowing signs in the skies were from modern military aircraft or fireworks.

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