California Woman's DIY Artificial Insemination to Get Pregnant; VIDEO on TikTok Goes Viral

At-home insemination is not supported by the medical experts given the risks related to it.

A California woman's TikTok video describing the process of getting pregnant through artificial insemination at home with the help of a DIY kit has gone viral on the social media platform. Dani Morin, the woman behind the video, has claimed to have got pregnant using the same technique at home.

dani morin
Dani Morin lists out step for getting pregnant at home using a DIY artificial insemination kit. TikTok

The artificial insemination, also known as Intrauterine insemination (IUI), is a fertility treatment that includes inserting sperm directly, either that of a partner or a donor, into a woman's womb. The treatment is generally sought by those who are either unable to conceive in a natural way or don't have a male partner.

Woman Received Sperm Through Mail Order

Morin, who calls herself 'single mommy by choice' is a resident of the Newport Beach in California. She starts her nearly minute-long video by stating "How to get get pregnant, DIY edition, without the help of a partner or a doctor."

Later a heavily pregnant Morin proceeds to list the steps before deciding upon getting pregnant. Advising on the fertility supplements, Morin stresses on the need for wannabe moms to ensure that they can handle the financial aspect after child-birth. "You need to account for rent or mortgage ($2,500-$3,200 per month), daycare ($2,000), food and clothing ($1,000), and an extra savings account ($500). I live in California and expenses may differ," she said in her video.

Informing her viewers that they have to look out for a sperm bank and find a desirable donor, Morin said that a sample vial costs $800 and it takes around two days to arrive with a shipping cost of $200. The sperm vial comes packed in a cryogenic tank.

TikTokker Asks Users to Take Pregnancy Test after 14 Days of DIY

Morin, who shared the pictures of her own journey in the video, has received over eight million views and more than 1.2 million likes. She tells wannabe moms to start tracking their ovulation after every three hours, until it becomes positive.

Suggesting using a glove while taking out the sample vial from the cryogenic tank, Morin instructs transferring its content into a syringe for 15 minutes before putting it to use.

"The syringe should be treated like a tampon. After insertion, women can chill for 30 minutes, but should be sure to keep their legs elevated. After half-hour a menstrual disc should be inserted and then "you're good to go," said Morin in her video.

In what appears to be her own pregnancy test kits, the TikTokker further added that after 14 days, women should take a pregnancy test to confirm their results. "And there you have it. DIY: makin' a baby," Morin said at the end of the video.

Warning from Medical Experts

Quoting a report published by Slate in 2013, New York Post reported that at-home insemination is not supported by the medical community especially with the risks related to it such as mild cramping to the rare, but the potentially fatal possibility of infection and uterine puncture. The main issue with it in the US is a legal one, as it exists in a gray area of government regulations regarding the sperm donor's rights and obligations, reported the outlet.