California sheriff warns residents could face imprisonment for not wearing face masks

California falls short supply of face masks

Residents of California get a warning that they could face fine or imprisonment if they break the rule to wear a face mask in public by the sheriff amid the coronavirus outbreak. "Right now, you could be a carrier of this virus, spreading it to your family and friends," Bianco said.

Though it is not clear when to issue fine or arrest people, state authorities informed that local law enforcement agencies have the power to enforce the order when they feel necessary. Bianco said that the department will not set up checkpoints by stopping vehicles or people walking without masks.

Cameron Kaiser, state's public health officer, had banned any public gatherings on Saturday, April 4 in California. He also ordered residents to wear face covering while stepping outside their houses and that these coverings should not have visible holes like scarves or Bandanas.

Riverside County falls short of N95 masks

In view of the shortage of N95 masks, the county urged residents not to buy them or surgical masks since they are necessary for health workers and first responders. California Governor Gavin Newsom recently launched a website that will deal with shortage of medical supplies due to fraud, amid coronavirus-driven rush for them.

N95 masks

Gatherings at religious buildings like churches, temples, mosques have been totally banned in the county and essential businesses like gas stations, grocery stores, vegetable stores and pharmacies are exempted from the clause of public gathering but in limited proportion. Bianco asked residents not to distract police from emergency work by calling 911 to report order violations.

Riverside Police department in California has lost two deputies due to coronavirus on Thursday. Deputy Terrell Young joined the department in 2005 whereas Deputy David Werksman joined the department in 1998.

There have been 1,016 cases confirmed and 28 people died in Riverside County due to coronavirus as of Tuesday. There are more than 16,400 cases and around 400 people died in California. United States, the most affected country in the world has recorded around 400,000 cases and its death toll reached up to 12,910 so far. It remains to be seen whether the new mask rule will help the country to contain the spread of virus now.

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