US records nearly 1,500 deaths of Coronavirus in 24 hours as government suggests wearing masks

United States recorded 1,480 deaths on Friday

United States recorded 1,480 deaths due to coronavirus on Friday. It is the highest single-day death toll US has ever recorded. There have been 277,953 cases confirmed while 7,392 people have been died in the country so far. New York is still the most affected region with 3,281 deaths and 103.476 cases confirmed.

Donald Trump conveyed the government recommendation for Americans to use non-surgical masks while entering places like grocery stores for a period of time. After the heated argument with deliberations in White House, Trump said that it is a voluntary thing. "You don't have to do it and I'm choosing not to do it, but some people may want to do it and that's okay," he added.

After suggesting for weeks that Americans don't need to wear face masks to get protection from coronavirus, official administration discussed the topic over a week for reversing the course. Donald Trump said that he would be wearing one while greeting presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings and queens whereas he does not see it for himself.

US President Donald Trump
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Wearing face-mask stops the spread of the virus from an infected person

While speaking at the White House on Friday, US Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adams acknowledged that wearing face mask may stop the transmission of the virus from infected people without symptoms. He also warned to practice social distance by maintaining space between individuals.

Centers of Disease Control (CDC) recommended the White House that stronger guidelines are required to contain the virus spreading amongst healthy people. Director of CDC Robert Redfield reported saying that quarter of the country's population might be infected currently but are asymptomatic.

Trump underwent coronavirus test second time recently and tested negative within 15 minutes. It was done with a new test kit released by Abbott laboratories that offers result in 15 minutes or less.

The first time he was tested last month when he came in contact with the Brazilian officer who was later tested positive for coronavirus. The total number of fatalities due to coronavirus have gone nearly 59,000 as the number of cases confirmed crossed 1,100,000 so far throughout the world.

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