California Rapper Insults Subway Employee, Threatens to Assault Customer [VIDEO]

The rapper was identified as BlueHunnidss, an upcoming independent artist based out of Fresno, California

A video of a California-based rapper being disrespectful towards an employee and threatening to physically assault a fellow customer at a Subway restaurant is being circulated on social media.

The video recorded by the customer standing in line behind the rapper, who goes by the name BlueHunnidss, starts off with him asking the Subway employee to place his sandwich in the oven for two more seconds before choosing the slice of tomato he wants to be added to his sub, according to the video's caption.

'Are You an Idiot?'

A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Instagram

The clip then cuts to the rapper arguing with the Subway employee about his order. "What the f*ck is wrong with you, dude? You want me to treat you like a dude?", he says to the female employee, who then asks him what else he wants in his sandwich. "What do you mean what else? Everything else, salt and pepper. It's common sense," he can be heard saying. "Are you an idiot?".

"You better get better at your customer service," he says before complaining about how he's been waiting for his food for 40 minutes despite there being only two customers in the restaurant because she's handling one order at a time.

'You Can Google Me'

The rapper then turns his attention to the customer and threatens to physically assault her. "I'll slap the sh*t out of you if you touch me, and your man," he tells the woman as she continues to film him. "So go ahead, get my face. My name is BlueHunnidss. You can google me. You can Spotify me. You can Instagram me," he says before re-iterating his threat. The rapper then goes on an anti-feminist rant. "You want to act like a man, right? You step up to me like a man," he tells the woman, who asks him to back up and continues to place her order.

The rapper then repeatedly says the N-word and continues his verbal assault at the customer. "Shut your little b*tch a*s up, n*gger. You'll get smacked in your f*cking face, you old b*tch," he tells her before threatening her family with "gang sh*t" as he walks towards the exit. He then walks up to the woman and gets in her face before he is told to maintain social distance by her. "You're spitting in my eyes," she tells him before the clip ends.