California Mother Had Her Son Abduct, Sexually Assault Boyfriend's 13-Year-Old Daughter to Scare Her into Moving in with Her Mother

Sandra Garcia and Mark Anthony Roque
Sandra Garcia and her son, Mark Anthony Roque. Twitter

A California woman and her son were in court on Monday as a victim testified about being sexually assaulted and tied to a tree in 2016 when she was 13 years old.

Sandra Garcia and her adult son, Mark Anthony Roque, are on trial for an alleged plot that involved Garcia telling Roque to kidnap and torture her then-boyfriend's minor daughter. KFSN reported that the victim took the stand and recalled being sexually assaulted with a stick during the February 2016 attack.

Garcia was Having Ongoing Conflicts with the Two Girls

The victim's younger sister, who also testified, claimed their father broke up with Garcia weeks before the attack because of ongoing conflicts between Garcia and the two girls.

The victim's father is a divorced Swedish-born executive who met Garcia online. Garcia moved in with him after months of dating, but he evicted her from his Clovis home before his daughter's kidnapping. Prosecutor Adam Christopherson claimed Garcia wanted him all to herself so she devised the kidnapping plot to scare the girls so they wanted to move with their mother in Sweden.

The victim's father was on a business trip in Oregon when four men reportedly took his 13-year-old daughter from their home and drove her to the foothills where they tied her to a tree and sexually assaulted her.

Garcia Planned for Victim to be Home Alone on the Day of Abduction

Garcia allegedly planned for the victim to be home alone when the abduction occurred. However, the victim's younger sister testified that she felt ill that day and informed her father that she was staying home from school. The prosecutor alleges that Garcia at that point had to improvise and demanded that the younger sister come with her to her doctor's appointment.

The younger girl reportedly became concerned when she came home and her sister was not there. She testified that Garcia appeared "really calm" and sat on the couch on the phone instead of looking for her. The girl was found later that day and hospitalized.

Garcia and her son face life in prison, if convicted of the charges.