A streetcar race between a mother-son duo resulted in a fatal crash in San Bernardino, California. While the mother died on the scene, the son was left uninjured. He was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter.

The incident took place at around 10:15 pm on Monday, when the 26-year old Steven Strother Jr. and his mother Algetta Strother (54) got involved in a car race. While Strother Jr. was driving a Buick Century, his mother drove a Chevrolet Tahoe, on the 9th Street east of Waterman Avenue in San Bernardino.

White car crash
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As the two raced, they tried to overtake a third vehicle -- a Toyota Camry that was being driven by 28-year old Abelardo Flores. That is when Strother Jr's car collided with the Camry, which led to her mother losing control of her car. Her car rolled over, hit a tree and a standpipe before crashing into a light pole. She was then ejected out of her car.

While Algetta Strother was declared dead on the scene, her son did not suffer any injuries. A 21-year old woman who was riding on the passenger's seat of Tahoe was injured and was taken to a hospital. No further information is known about her present condition. Neither Flores, nor any of the riders on Camry were injured in the incident.

The San Bernardino police said in a statement on Wednesday that speed and alcohol were the factors that resulted in the fatal crash. The son was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter and DUI. He is being held without bail due to a parole violation, as per the San Bernardino County sheriff's inmate information records, CBS Local reported. His court appearance is scheduled for June 11.