Cops in Multiple Cars, Helicopter Chase Shooting Suspect, Arrest him After he Crashes Into Morro Bay

A Shooting Suspect Was on the Run When the Incident Was Reported

A man in his fifties who shot at a victim multiple times got the police involved in a high-speed chase before crashing into Morro Bay. He was surrounded by the cops and was eventually arrested by the San Luis Obispo County police department.

The shooting suspect has been identified as John Salazar, of Los Osos. The 53-year-old suspect was reportedly involved in a fight with another man at a home in the 1200 block of San Luis Bay Drive in Avila Beach. After a heated argument, Salazar shot at the man he was arguing with, multiple times.

However, reports claim that the injured man managed to escape and got himself admitted to a local hospital. He suffered minor injuries, evading multiple gun times. The San Luis Obispo County sheriff got a call at 6 p.m. and the crime was reported from San Luis Bay Drive in Avila Beach. The injured man made an emergency response call through PulsePoint at 6.13 p.m.

Shooting suspect on the run

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When police arrived at the scene, the suspect had already escaped. But the cops traced him after California Highway Patrol (CHP) located the suspect's vehicle and it led to the police in a high-speed chase through the roads of San Luis Obispo County. The chase ended when he crashed into Morro Bay.

The cops chased Salazar through the Los Osos Valley to Morro Bay. His vehicle was speeding above 90 miles per hour, according to the data revealed by the scanner traffic. At last, the chase ended on Highway 1 in Morro Bay as Salazar hit a Honda Fir car. The vehicle crashed at the intersection at the north end of Morro Bay.

The driver of the Honda Bay was trying to take a left to move towards Yerba Buena Street when Salazar hit the car at 6.23 p.m. Witnesses claimed that the suspect's car wound between other vehicles before ramming the Honda Fit. Salazar's car toppled and stopped after going 75 feet off the road. By then the cops reached the spot, drew guns, and surrounded the suspect. The woman driving Honda Fit, Debbie, was helped by a passerby.

Crash and arrest

Cops arrested Salazar and more details of the case are yet to be released by the cops. Salazar was being chased by San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office, Morro Bay Police Department, California Highway Patrol, and California State Parks. It is said that even a helicopter was called during the chase. Four hours together Highway 1 was blocked, with no permission of entry or exit of any vehicles.