California Middle School Teacher Who Told Student Trump was Still President, Hunter Biden Had Child Porn on His Laptop Fired

The history teacher was recording making the political statements in class by the 8th grade student.

An Anacapa Middle School history teacher is no longer employed by the school following an investigation sparked by a recording of in-class comments that grabbed national headlines.

On Friday, Ventura Unified School District officials said the female history teacher was no longer working at the Ventura campus, as reported by Ventura County Star. Officials declined to say whether the teacher was still employed by the district.

Teacher Also Told Students Hunter Biden Was Funnelling Money Illegally, Had Sex With His Own Niece

Anacapa Middle School
Anacapa Middle School Twitter

The story made waves earlier this week when CBS Channel 2 in Los Angeles aired an exclusive story that included audio of the teacher telling 8th grade students, "People need to wake up and see the government has way too much power right now."

She is then heard saying that Hunter Biden is "funnelling money illegally" through "deals with China and Ukraine" and that child pornography was found on his laptop. She also says that Hunter, President Joe Biden's son, was having "sexual intercourse with his own niece."

During the seven-minute recording, the teacher also reportedly spread vaccine misinformation and told students Donald Trump was still president, according to the outlet.

Student Told His Mother He Was Never Getting Vaccinated and Maintained That 'Teachers Know Everything'

Sarah Silikula, the mother of the eighth-grade student who recorded the session, told the TV station when her son got in the car after class, he was "very upset" and announced he was never getting vaccinated and never getting any more shots.

"He announced, 'I'm never getting vaccinated. I'm never getting any more shots of any kind. Did you know Trump's still president?' " Silikula told CBS Los Angeles.

Silikula added that her son refused to believe her or her husband because he maintained that "teachers know everything." Administrators from Anacapa Middle School reviewed the recording and an investigation was launched, eventually leading to her firing.