California Mass Shooting: 4 Killed, Six Injured after Retired Cop Opens Fire in Cook's Corner Biker Bar in Orange County

The carnage took place on Wednesday night around 7:30 p.m. at Cook's Corner, a biker bar located in Trabuco Canyon.

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Four people have been killed and six people have been injured and hospitalized after a gunman opened fire at a popular biker bar in Orange County, California on Wednesday night. Police said that the gunman is also dead after being shot by officers responding to the scene, according to KCAL.

The suspect has been identified as a retired law enforcement officer who opened fire at Cook's Corner, a Lake Forest restaurant on Santiago Canyon Road in Trabuco Canyon. The carnage began from what originally started as a domestic dispute involving the retired law enforcement officer and his wife, as reported by sources.

Midnight Carnage

Cook's Corner mass shooting
The gunman was identified as a retired cop but his name hasn't been revealed Twitter

Video footage from the scene of the shooting shows at least two lifeless bodies lying on the ground, covered with sheets.

The carnage took place on Wednesday night around 7:30 p.m. at Cook's Corner, a biker bar located in Trabuco Canyon.

According to reports, 11 people, including the suspected shooter, were shot during the incident. Fortunately, no deputies sustained injuries. Among the wounded, six were taken to a nearby hospital.

Cook's Corner is located at the intersection of El Toro, Santiago Canyon, and Live Oak Canyon roads, in close proximity to O'Neill Regional Park. It's approximately 50 miles south of Los Angeles.

Cook's Corner is known to be one of the most popular biker bars in California. There was a large police presence at the scene of the shooting Wednesday night.

An investigation has been launched with both the FBI and ATF involved, which indicates the seriousness and complexity of the incident.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office tweeted: "Incident at Cook's corner in Trabuco Canyon. Believed to be multiple victims from gunshot. More info to follow."

Another Mass Shooting

Senator Dave Min from the state of California responded to the unfortunate incident on Twitter. "I'm devastated by news of yet another mass shooting tonight, this time at Cook's Corner, a historic bar in the heart of Orange County," his statement read.

Cook's Corner mass shooting
Police have cordoned off Cook's Corner after the mass shooting Twitter

"My team and I are monitoring the incident and will do everything we can to support law enforcement.

"Our district is one of the safest areas in the country, and yet we too are repeatedly afflicted with the scourge of mass shootings."

"An office park in Orange, a church in Laguna Woods, a bar in Trabuco Canyon. There is no place in America that is safe from the scourge of gun violence. There is no community no affected,' he wrote.

"My heart breaks for the families and love ones of the victims. We cannot rest until we end gun violence in this country."

The shooting incident at Cook's Corner follows a series of attacks that have taken place in Orange County.

On May 15, 2022, a mass shooting unfolded at a church in Laguna Woods. During the incident, one person lost their life, and five others sustained gunshot injuries.

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