California Man Follows Black Teen in His Own Neighborhood, Claims He Was Stealing From 'Open Garages' [VIDEO]

A white man was accused of racially profiling a 15-year-old black teenager who was taking pictures of flowers because he "looked sketchy."

A video of a confrontation between a white man and the parents of a black teenager for racially stereotyping the boy and accusing him of stealing is being widely circulated on social media.

In a post shared by Instagram account @shadesofshs, which posts experiences of racism prejudice by students studying at the Saugus High School, the teenage boy, who has chosen to remain anonymous, revealed that he decided to go for a walk one day to a playground near his house when the racist encounter took place.

Taking Pictures of Flowers

The teen said that on the way to the playground he spotted some beautiful flowers and since he liked nature photography, he snapped some pictures of the flora before continuing on his stroll. He then looked back to notice he was being followed by a man in a tan Toyota Corolla and parked in front of the playground after he went in.

The boy started getting worried and headed back home. On the way, the boy crossed a T-intersection where the man was waiting for him so the teen turns a corner onto a street in an attempt to get away from the "creep." The man then parked his car, and followed the boy before threatening to beat him up.

Man Claims Boy Looked Sketchy

The man then told the boy that he had never seen him before and that he looked "sketchy" even though he was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and a hat. The man falsely claimed that he saw the teenager going into people's garages and accused him of stealing from people's houses.

"He started getting more and more violent and threatening me over and over again," wrote the teen. The boy then called his parents who then confronted the man for racially profiling their son.

'I'm a Concerned Citizen'

racist man in Santa Clarita
A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Instagram

The video clip shows the boy's father yelling at the man while the mother asks them, "so he can't even walk in his own neighborhood?"

"I'm a concerned citizen calling on a kid f*cking taking pictures...," the boy's mother then cuts him off by saying "calling on a black kid!"

The video ends with the man saying he would do it again if he saw the kid doing the same thing. Watch the clip in the post below:

The incident comes days after a viral video showed three black teenagers being held at gunpoint by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies in Santa Clarita Valley after the teenagers called law enforcement over an attack by a homeless man armed with a knife, as previously reported.