California: Car Thief Dies After Plunging off Bridge During Police Chase

Man who stole the car and tried to flee from police met a fatal end as his car crashed and plunged into the Carquinez Bridge in Crockett

An unidentified man met a fatal end as he was trying to make away with a stolen car in California. Following high-speed chase that led to a fiery crash, the body of the man was completely charred and beyond recognition.

The man in question was fleeing after stealing a Honda Civic car near Interstate 80 on Sunday, May 20. He was driving at high speed and crossed multiple counties and reached Carquinez Bridge in Crockett. At this location, the driver lost control of the car and crashed the vehicle over the edge, falling at least 100 ft into the beach.

Car Burst Into Flames

Brooklyn Bridge
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But before touching the water the car burst into flames and the driver's body was charred to an extent that it took sometime before the police ascertained that the body was still inside the car. When checked the police found that he was alone inside the car and there were no accomplices.

Speaking to Fox News, California Highway Patrol officials said that the car was speeding at a very high rate when police started chasing him. Currently, the case is being investigated by the Contra Costa District Attorney's Office. But apart from the crash and chase, no other details of the case have been revealed so far.

Death rate on road down by 88 percent

The California Highway Patrol told Fox News that due to lockdown restrictions, the number of traffic accidents has come down drastically. There was a steep fall in drunken driving cases too. Despite being a weekend the traffic was 75 percent less than usual between March and April 30 in 2020. The official also said that the death rate due to traffic accidents was down by 88 percent.

On Friday too California police chased a shooting suspect who tried to flee after shooting a man multiple times. But after a high-speed chase, he crashed the car into Morro Bay and got arrested by the San Luis Obispo County police. The man who was shot at managed to survive and got himself admitted to a local hospital after informing the police of the incident.

Though crime incidents are on the check, a firing incident was reported from the Bakersfield apartment in Southern California. Five teenagers were injured, but no casualties were reported.

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