California-Based Instagram Model Helps Women Catch Cheating BFs by Sliding into Their DMs

Paige Woolen, 28, performs a loyalty check on unsuspecting boyfriends before publishing the results online

A Los Angeles-based Instagram model helps women find out if their partnera are cheating by performing a loyalty check and the results are interesting to say the least.

Paige Woolen, 28, has more than 200,000 followers on her main Instagram account, from which she slides into the DMs of unsuspecting men who are suspected of cheating and to see if she can catch them red-handed.

Woolen Shares Screenshots of the DMs on A Side Account

Paige Woolen

"I had been noticing a lot of guys that DM me on my personal account had profile photos with their girlfriends," Woolen told the Star. "It got me wondering if their girlfriends know or care that they DM random girls with photos in their bikinis.

Woolen said she offered to privately message the boyfriends of women who are suspected to be prone to cheating on them. She received mostly positive responses, with some calling her a "hero" and earned enough requests to put her plan to execution.

So the swimsuit model started private messaging the boyfriends before publishing the screenshots of her conversations on a side account that goes by @dudesinthedm.

While some men remained loyal to their partner and refused her advances, others were not as faithful and some even pretended quick to pretend they were single in hopes of scoring a date with the model. Here are some of the responses she shared on Instagram.

'I'm Single'

She wrote to one not-so-single man recently saying, "Just thought you were so so cute. Was hoping to meet up if you're single of course."

The man replied instantly: "I'm single enough, do you have Snapchat?"

Paige Woolen screenshot

"You're super cute,' she wrote to another, to which he responded, "Me? You're like a supermodel!" The man, who had photos of his girlfriend on his Instagram, then claimed he was single and asked her if they could "go out" next time he visited LA for work.

"'I personally believe snitches get stitches, but I felt like using the power of @dudesinthedm for good and helping out my female followers," she explained.