Woke Culture? School Bans Teachers From Using 'Boys & Girls' Saying it is Sexist Language

The Anderton Park primary school in Moseley, Birmingham, took woke political correctness to a new level, as the head of the school, Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, issued a circular banning teachers from using the words 'good morning boys and girls', 'man up', 'grow a pair' and even 'boys and girls' saying the staff shouldn't indulge in sexist language towards children.

The school also encouraged students as young as three to hold up posters flagging any sexist terms used by teachers and two pupils who find the best examples would be rewarded with certificates and recognition for being exemplary every week.

Young Boy and girl
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However, the scheme did not go down well with parents and prompted a backlash accusing the head Clarkson of spreading leftist woke culture to young children who have no idea what this is all about.

A furious parent vented out his frustration at the school by tweeting, ''I'd quite like school to teach my kids to read and write etc. I don't need them wasting time on banning phrases like 'morning guys'. Far too much time and energy wasted on ridiculous things,' he said.

After kicking up a dust, Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson appeared on Good Morning Britain addressing the issue and stood her ground saying her decision to ban the sexist terms is absolutely right and will only help her students to stand up against bullies in the future.

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She said to GMB: ''Fast forward a little bit to when the children are older just to see why this is so important because it's a tiny part of a huge jigsaw. We've seen in the last year the biggest ever rise in child abuse, in grooming, and if our boys and girls grow up and in school we don't challenge this sexist language and boys are told, 'man up', 'grow a pair', 'don't cry', 'boys don't cry' it's very damaging.''

Her comments on Good Morning Britain sparked a heated debate on Twitter with parents asking her to concentrate on teaching and writing than doing a ridiculous parade on national television labeling and explaining basic words used around the world for ages as sexist language.

Also, just two years ago, the Anderton Park primary school was in the news after furious parents stormed the gates in protest as the school taught lessons about same-sex families and marriage. The school has around 80 percent Muslim pupils and the lessons didn't go down well within the community.