Burning Sun Scandal: Yoo In Suk Admits To Charges, Affects Wife, Actress Park Han Byul's Future

While Yoo In Suk has admitted to all charges against him in the Burning Sun scandal, Seungri is attending court proceedings at the federal court's military branch.

Seungri and Park Han Byul
Former BIGBANG member Seungri's business partner and actress Park Han Byul's husband Yoo In Suk has admitted to all charges against him in the Bursing Sun scandal. Instagram

Former BIGBANG member Seungri's business partner, former CEO of Yuri Holdings Yoo In Suk, has admitted to all charges against him including embezzlement of business funds, solicitation of prostitution, violation of food business laws and economic restrictions in the Burning Sun sex scandal.

Yoo In Suk attended his first court hearing along with his legal representative on June 3 and admitted to all charges. He is known to have directly handled the monetary part of the Burning Sun club.

His legal representative has also started submitting written documents about In Suk's role in the scam and has begun detailing the severity and degree of each charge. In Suk was indicted along with Seungri on charges of soliciting prostitution for foreign clients through the Burning Sun club. They are also charged with using the money of the Burning Sun club for their personal benefits and leisure. The case pertains to mishandling of money in 2015-2016 in connection with the club.

Currently, Seungri has enlisted for the military and is being tried under military law. He is attending hearings at the federal court's military branch.

Actress Park Han Byul's Projects on Hold

In Suk admitting all his charges has affected his actress wife Park Han Byul. Promotions of her current projects have been put on hold for fear of negative reception. Investigations against In Suk are affecting Han Byul's career.

In a statement, Park Han Byul's representative said they are waiting for the final sentence. All her work will be on hold till the verdict is out. Based on the verdict, Han Byul will decide about her future in the entertainment industry.

Han Byul has literally disappeared from social media since 2018, soon after the arrest of In Suk. She faced criticism and backlash on social media before she decided to stay away from it. The couple has a two-year-old son. Reports claim that she is focusing on raising her son.

What is the Burning Sun Scandal?

The Burning Sun scandal is also known as Burning Sun gate, one of the large sex crimes involving several celebrities, including K-pop idols caught in illegal dealings. The allegations of sex crimes involved online distribution of unconsented sex videos of women through the Burning Sun club.

The scandal was first reported on January 28, 2019 by MBC after clubgoer Kim Sang Kyo alleged that he was assaulted by the staff of Burning Sun nightclub when he was trying to rescue girls from sexual assault. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency started investigating the case resulting in the club's alleged involvement in prostitution, drug trafficking and corruption becoming public. The club's directors were charged with sex bribery and asked to resign in March 2019.

Among the celebrities caught up in the scandal are former BIGBANG member Seungri, singer Jung Joon-young and Lee Jong-hyun of CNBLUE. Jung Joon Young is under detention and awaiting the outcome of his appeal. He had been awarded a five-year jail term.