Actress Park Han Byul Sells House, All Properties in Seoul; Shifts to Jeju Island With Husband

Actress Park Han Byul has shifted base to Jeju Island with son and husband Yoo In Seok, who is accused in the Burning Sun scandal.

Park Han Byul
South Korean actress PArk Han Byul has sold all her properties in Seoul and has moved to Jeju Island. Instagram

Involvement of the husband Yoo In Seok in the Burning Sun scandal has forced actress Park Han Byul to leave Seoul and shift to Jeju Island with husband and son. The actress is said to have sold all her properties in Seoul. It has been more than one year since Park Han Byul has stayed away from the glam world.

The report of Park Han Byul leaving Seoul was published in Star News. The report claimed that after settling everything including her house in Seoul, the actress is living with her family in Jeju Island. It is said that the actress is not likely to make a comeback in dramas or movies.

Charges Against Yoo In Seok Including Prostitution Mediation

Park Han Byul's husband Yoo In Seok is facing charges including occupational embezzlement, prostitution mediation, violation of the Act on the Aggravated Punishment etc. under the Specific Economic Crimes probe.

The Seoul Central District Court held the first hearing of the Gangnam club Burning Sun case on June 3. Yoo In Seok, along with five other people, attended the hearing. Yoo In Suk's lawyer had stated that he pleaded guilty to all charges levied against him.

Yoo In Suk is facing trial for prostitution mediation under Punishment of Arrangement of Commercial Sex Acts. He is accused of mediating prostitution for foreign investors 24 times between 2015 and 2016 including a group of Japanese businessmen. Former BIGBANG member Seungri is also facing similar charges in the Burning Sun case.

In addition, Yoo In Suk is also charged with embezzlement of Yuri Holdings's funds to play golf with Senior Superintendent Police Officer Yoon, suspected of having influenced and suppressed the Burning Sun Scandal probe.

Other celebrities involved in the Burning Sun scandal apart from Seungri are Jung Joon Young, and Choi Jong Hoon. The court will hold a second hearing on June 22. Seungri has enlisted in the military in March and is being tried in the military court.

Park Han Byul Retires From Glam World?

Park Han Byul had got married to Yoo In Suk on Nov. 24, 2017, after knowing each other for three years. It was also announced that. When the couple got married, Park Han Byul was 15 weeks pregnant and she gave birth to a son on April 30, 2018.

Park Han Byul had disappeared from social media in 2018 soon after the news of her husband's arrest broke. Her representative had told that actress's work will be on hold till the verdict is out. Based on the verdict she will decide about her future in the entertainment industry.

The latest update from Park Han Byul is an apology. "I apologize to everyone. I'm sorry to have caused so many people to be worried about the incidents and suspicions related to my husband. I once again bow my head to apologize to all the people who are criticizing me and my family for causing such a social commotion," Park Han Byul stated.

As the actress has not only moved from Jeju Island but sold all her properties in Seoul, it looks like she has decided about her future in the entertainment industry. She might not make a comeback is what the fans believe.