Bullying Controversy: Soojin Officially Leaves (G)I-DLE, Confirms Cube Entertainment

Soojin will no more be a part of KPop team (G)I-DLE. However, the team will continue as 5-member system.

Bullying controversy has jeopardized yet another artiste's career. According to the latest news, Soojin has been asked to leave (G)I-DLE. Thus she will no more be a part of the KPop group, following bullying allegations against her. First allegation of bullying was made against Soojin six months ago.

After taking sides with their artiste Soojin, Cube Entertainment has now confirmed that the singer will be leaving the team. The agency issued a statement: "As of today, it's been decided Soojin will withdraw from the team."

Former G(I)DLE member Soojin. Instagram

For those worrying about the future of (G)I-DLE, Cube has given an update. "In the future, (G)I-DLE will continue their activities in a 5-member system, and we'll continue to support and do our best to help (G)I-DLE show more mature music and performances," read the statement.

Soojin Bullying Controversy

The first person to make bullying allegations against Soojin was her middle school classmate, whom the singer called her 'close friend.' Soojin had dubbed the bullying claim as a rumor. But soon, actress Seo Shin Ae also claimed that Soojin had bullied her in school.

Seo Shin Ae had accused Soojin of assault, robbing off her money, bullying and cursing students using cuss words during their school days in Waw Middle School in Hwaseong City in Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. The actress said that Soojin had bullied her for two years and she had no courage to stand up for her rights then. "But if I hesitate and get scared again, I would feel disappointed in myself and be full of regret in the future. So I decided to be brave this time," said Seo Shin Ae in an Instagram post, where she revealed details of Soojin's bullying.

Soojin Refutes Claims

Soojin refuted the claims made by Seo Shin Ae. Cube Entertainment too issued a statement that it had filed a suit against those spreading false rumors against their artiste. "We have submitted all the proof that our label has confirmed as false information, and we will be revealing the truth through strict investigations. We will be taking strong civil action as well. We will continue to take strict legal action on all false information and malicious comments on this matter," the Cube Entertainment had stated in March.

Due to public outcry, Soojin was asked to take a break from the team work and public appearances. Meanwhile, in February 2021, (G)I-DLE's latest song Last Dance was shot, and Soojin was part of the single. But the song was not released due to negative comments against Soojin. However, the agency decided to release the song in April, without Soojin in it. Thus the song was released on April 29, after reshooting some portions of the song and editing out Soojin's scenes.

Soojin has not reacted to the news yet. Nothing is known about Soojin's future plans.

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