Buff Kangaroo Goes Viral After Showing off his Giant Muscles at Australian Wildlife Centre

Hilarious images of a six-foot, five-inch ripped Kangaroo flaunting his impressive muscles make waves on social media. He became an internet sensation after photos of him displaying his ripped abs, triceps, and biceps went viral online.

Photographer Deborah Schutz captured the incredible picture of this red Kangaroo. She was visiting the Cleland Wildlife Park in Adelaide, Australia, as a volunteer when she took the picture. The photographer shared the incredible image on Instagram a year ago, and it captured the attention of several internet users. The red male Kangaroo sunbathing underneath a gum tree is one of the most liked photos of her Instagram page.

"Big Old Red dozing in the late afternoon sun. Kangaroos are the largest marsupials in the world, and the Red Kangaroo is the biggest of all - weighing up to 90 kg - and when standing can be 2 meters tall," she captioned the viral photo.

The viral photo of a red male Kangaroo in Australia. Instagram

Deborah Schutz About Buff Kangaroo

The photographer, who has spent decades taking wildlife photos, said the red mammal captured her attention while checking the animals in the wildlife park near her hometown. When she photographed the mammal, it was relaxing on the grass. But she did not approach it because the gentle animals would try to protect themselves if they felt threatened.

"I then came across this fellow, and he was just lazing in the sun under the huge gum trees. He is a big red kangaroo. When he stands, he looks incredible. His muscles were certainly huge. For a kangaroo that looks this buff, he really is gentle, but I wouldn't recommend making him feel threatened, as you shouldn't any animal. They will do what they can to protect themselves. In the wild never approach one, especially of this size as he would feel threatened if you got this close", Schutz, who owns a dance studio, told Caters News Agency.

Schutz then shared her love for wildlife photography. She said it helps her capture some of the best moments as the visual record for her memories.