Australia: Kangaroo attacks fitness trainer on morning jog, batters her like a rag doll

The victim, who was jogging near her home in Melbourne, gets 35 stitches.

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Kangaroos, including one carrying a joey in its pouch, stand by the side of a road on Mount Macedon. Reuters

An Australian woman was attacked by an angry kangaroo, which literally "ripped her to pieces", when she went out for a morning jog on 14 January in Melbourne. Debbie Urquhart (54) was running near her home around 6am when the two-metre tall kangaroo jumped on her out of nowhere and began repeatedly kicking her, ripping her clothes and throwing her around "like a rag doll". The personal fitness trainer had to play dead for the kangaroo to stop hitting her.

"He came and he hit me like a damn truck and I didn't know what was going on... The more I was screaming the more he was going for me" said the victim, according to 3AW.

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Once the kangaroo left her, Debbie somehow managed to scramble back home and told her husband about the horrific incident and he immediately rushed her to a nearby hospital. Though she did not break any bones, doctors had to give Debbie 35 stitches across the body.

"He pushed me down with his back feet and then just sort of clawed at me," she said, as reported.

"Me protecting myself is how my arm got ripped so badly. He could have got to my stomach or anything but I sort of protected myself with the grass and, thank God, he moved away," she added.

Kangaroos are native to Australia and known to have extremely strong hind legs. The last bizarre encounter with these marsupials was when a man had to punch a kangaroo to save his dog. The video that took the internet by storm shows the brave man engaging in a boxing match with the creature.

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