Budweiser's 'Brotherhood' is Super Bowl's Greatest Commercial

The commercial was released in 2013 during the Super Bowl and features a Clydesdale who ultimately had to leave his home to become a Budweiser Clydesdale

A Budweiser advertisement released in 2013 has been declared Super Bowl's Greatest Commercial during a special show aired tonight. 'Brotherhood' contested against 10 other advertisements listed by the show's hosts Boomer Esiason, analyst for CBS Sports' NFL pre-game show The NFL Today, and Daniela Ruah, star of NCIS: Los Angeles.

It was 'Brotherhood' Vs 'A New Truck to Love'

Budweiser ad
Budweiser ad Youtube grab

During the live show, the top picks from each category advanced for the live vote by the viewers. The audience were asked to tweet the finalists' hashtags with the winner being revealed at the end of the show.

Towards the end, the competition was left between Honda's Ridgeline 2016 Commercial called 'A New Truck to Love' and Budweiser 'Brotherhood' (2013). CBS tweeted the results: 'The Super Bowl's Greatest Commercial results are in and.. The heartfelt Clydesdale of #SBGCBUD is the whinny! Thanks for watching #SBGC with us.'

The horse that became a winner

Budweiser's advertisement called "Brotherhood" is based on the theme that some bonds are timeless. It was released during the Superbowl in 2013. The song Landslide used in the commercial was sung by Fleetwood Mac for her album Fleetwood Mac released in 1975. It was written by Stevie Nicks.

The advertisement shows a rancher raising the youngest Clydesdale who ultimately had to leave his home to become a Budweiser Clydesdale. The bond shared between the two cannot be missed.

The Clydesdale returns to Chicago, three years later for a public appearance. The rancher goes to meet him but is slightly disappointed when the Clydesdale doesn't recognize him during the parade. As the rancher turns on the engine of his car to take a trip back, he sees the Clydesdale galloping towards him. Towards the end of the advertisement, Budweiser launched a Twitter campaign asking the viewers to name the baby horse in the commercial. It was finally named Hope.

10 Super Bowl commercials were shortlisted for the competition

The show's hosts came up with a list of five Super Bowl commercials that gained popularity among the viewers. The commercials chose by Esiason were: Google's "Parisian Lovebirds" (2010), Budweiser's "Brotherhood" (2013), Budweiser's "Lost Dog" (2015), Hyundai's "Hope Detector" (2018), and Verizon's "Coach Who Wouldn't Be Here" (2019).

While Ruah chose Budweiser's "Super Fan aka Lamb Streaker" (2006), Chevy's "Happy Grad" (2012), Doritos' "Goat-4-Sale" (2012), Honda's "A New Truck to Love" (2016), and Tide to Go's "Talking Stain" (2008), for the voters to decided to vote for.