BTS's V looks back at Hwarang role following character's death

Kim Tae-hyung asks viewers to remember Han-sung for a long time.

Kim Tae-hyung
Kim Tae-hyung in a scene from episode 18 of 'Hwarang'. The Beginning 화랑: 더 비기닝

Singer and actor Kim Tae-hyung, popularly known as V of the South Korean boy band BTS, shared his thoughts on what it was like to be able to appear in KBS 2TV's popular drama 'Hwarang: The Beginning.' V opened up about his experiences as a debut actor following the end of filming for his character in the show.

In the February 14 episode, Seok Han-sung played by V, died while trying to protect Sun-woo from the poisoned blade of his elder half-brother Seok Dan-se, who was asked to kill Sun-woo. Kim Tae-hyung released a statement on February 15, through his agency Big Hit Entertainment, quoted by Soompi, saying: "'Hwarang' is a work that has made me realize many things and given me many beautiful and unforgettable memories. I was happy to be able to smile and cry together with Hansung in the drama, and to live as Hansung. I hope that the sincerity of Hansung that I felt was also conveyed to viewers."

V also revealed that initially he was anxious about acting in a drama as it was his debut but received a lot of help from those that were more experienced in the craft. He added: "To be honest, this was my first time acting and so I felt a lot of pressure and was very nervous. Park Seo-Joon, Park Hyung-Sik, Choi Minho, Do Ji-han, Jo Yoon-woo, Kim Hyun-joon, Sung Dong-il, our director, writer, and all the staff on set taught me a lot, and thanks to their help I was able to have a good time while filming. Thank you so much."

In episode 18, Seok Han-sung discovers a letter to his elder half-brother Seok Dan-se, which simply says "You must kill him." Han-sung runs out in the courtyard and sees Dan-se attacking Sun-woo with a sword. He comes between the two and clutches the blade tightly with his palms. The blade cuts into his skin and he starts to bleed. Dan-se is horrified when he realizes what has happened and begs his brother to stop clutching the blade. Then Han-sung asks his brother why he put the oil his grandpa sent, on his blade.

The effects of the poisoned blade become apparent as Han-sung slumps down to the ground. Dan-se, barely able to move, says that the blade contains some type of venom. Sun-woo lifts the dying Han-sung in his arms and runs hoping to save him. Han-sung, barely able to keep his eyes open, says he's fine; that Miss Ah-ro will heal him. But Sun-woo breaks down, realising that it's too late. He tries to console him, asking him not to give up. Han-sung makes one final request to Sun-woo, "Do not hate my brother." Hearing Sun-woo's assurance that he won't, Han-sung dies.

It was a touching performance, there's no denying. The death was especially painful to watch as Han-sung was the youngest Hwarang, filled with positivity and untainted innocence. He was the sunshine to all the Hwarang warriors, which is why his death was so shocking and difficult to accept. But with the tensions that had been created in the drama, there was bound to be tragedy. And it was the most innocent soul who became the sacrifice.

The singer also acknowledged his fans, saying: "I sincerely thank viewers for supporting and loving Hansung. Please remember Kim Taehyung's Hansung for a long time, and keep giving lots of love to the drama 'Hwarang.'" Kim Tae-hyung has shown everyone that he is a promising actor. Do Ji-han, who plays Park Ban-ryu in the drama, recently praised V's acting skills. We hope to see more of the young actor in future.

Episode 19 of 'Hwarang' airs is Singapore on February 21 at 8:50 p.m. on KBS World TV.

This article was first published on February 18, 2017