'Hwarang' spoilers: Major twist coming to drama; Do Ji-Han praises BTS V's acting skills

Han-sung the key in episode 18's escalated storyline

A set of newly released official stills from 'Hwarang' episode 18. instagram.com/hwarang_official

Only four-episodes remain to air before 'Hwarang' ends its run on KBS 2TV. Now, the production staff have revealed that actor Kim Tae-hyung will have a very significant role in escalating the drama. In addition to that, actor Do Ji-han, who plays Park Ban-ryu in the drama, has praised the acting skills of his co-star Kim Tae-hyung, popularly known to fans as boy group BTS's V.

Website Soompi notes that BTS's V will have a more important role in taking the story towards its conclusion. In the preview stills released for the upcoming episode, Park Seo-joon and Kim Tae-hyung are seen making a pinky promise to each other regarding some secret. They are in a jovial mood so the surprise , when it comes, will most likely be a positive one.

Another still shows V reading a letter with all seriousness. Even though the actor's expressions do not point to something alarming, the contents of the letter will at the least be instersting. Further, the staff of 'Hwarang' has stated "Han Sung will be the key to today's [episode 18] escalated storyline. Kim Taehyung handled these scenes with passion. Please look forward to Kim Taehyung's performance and his bromance with Park Seo Joon."

Soompi also notes that in episode 17, Han-sung's grandfather had spoken something foreboding about his grandchild. It will be interesting to find out how all of these plot points are executed and what resolution, if any, is achieved.

Also reported by Soompi, actor Do Ji-han praised V's dramatic portrayal of the youngest Hwarang Seok Han-sung in the drama series. "Taehyung unexpectedly worked really really hard. He's talented by nature. Whenever I saw him, I naturally found myself smiling. He's also grown a lot in acting. Because he has a lot of talent, I thought he would do well if I just guided him a little. He has a strong will," Do Ji-han said.

Do Ji-han also praised Kim Tae-hyung's eagerness to learn the craft of acting and desire to work with others and exchange ideas with them as a team. "Everyone is busy. When you're the youngest, it can be hard to approach the older actors. But Taehyung will approach the older actors first and make suggestions on what to do together. He's really an affectionate person," Ji-han said.

The 25-year old actor was also impressed with Tae-hyung's stamina in handling both his music career as well as acting career and praised his vivaciousness and energy on set. "When I saw him juggling his music schedule, I thought 'It must be hard. It must be physically straining.' But seeing him laugh till the end and energetically finish [filming] made me think that he is amazing," Ji-han said.

'Hwarang' episode 18 airs on February 14 on KBS 2TV. Episode 19 will air on February 20.

This article was first published on February 14, 2017