BTS V Never Purchased 'Genesis GV80' Says HYBE; Did Hyundai Misuse Singer for False Marketing?

Various news outlets had reported in June 2020 that BTS V had purchased Hyundai Genesis GV80. But HYBE has accused Hyundai of false marketing.

Kim Tae Hyung, popular as BTS V, is in the news again. This time HYBE has accused Hyundai of misusing the singer's name for false marketing. HYBE which represents BTS stated that V never bought 'Genesis GV80," as claimed by Hyundai.

HYBE has taken Hyundai Motor Company to task for false marketing by revealing misleading facts. Hyundai had advertised and used BTS V's name when their Hyundai Genesis GV80 was launched. In fact, based on Hyundai's words, several news reports were published stating that BTS V had fallen in love with the vehicle and had specified that he had chosen to purchase the said model.

BTS V Hyundai GV80
HYBE has clarified that BTS V never bought Hyundai GV80 as claimed by the Hyundai Motor Company. Facebook

This news had become viral and Genesis GV80 sales sky rocketed. Social media started buzzing with the news of V purchasing the car and reports stated: "V was not just a Global brand ambassador of Hyundai, but was also a proud owner of Hyundai's genesis GV80 model. It is premium SUV rivalling Benz GLE class and BMW X5. The GV80 2.5T starts from 66.7 million won, the 3.0D costs 64.6 million won, and 3.5T at 60.7 million won," tweeted various social media accounts.

Following the reports, BTS V's past interview about him buying a toy car also had started trending. V had told in an earlier interview that he wanted to buy an apartment and a car for his parents. As he had already bought an apartment, netizens thought that V had fulfilled his dream by buying the car.

Hyundai Genensis GV80


HYBE representative spoke to Ten Asia and clarified the issue. "BTS's V never purchased the GV80. He has never even driven this vehicle [apart from his brand ambassador activities]," told HYBE representative.

The report of V purchasing the vehicle first appeared in an online journal titled HMG Journal, run by Hyundai. The journal had claimed: "V was so mesmerized by the 'Prophecy' design of the 'Hyundai' EV concept vehicles, that he took various photos with it. After his photoshoot, he even purchased the 'GV80'."

The photos of BTS V with the GV80 car are taken during his brand promotion activities. In fact, not only V but Hyundai [South Korea] had even appointed BTS as Global Brand Ambassadors of their flagship SUV 'Palisade' in November 2020.

Hyundai's Correction

Following HYBE's reaction, Hyundai has now changed a part of the interview that mentioned BTS V. "There were some members who showed personal interests in the 'Hyundai' models. They were very interested, but they did not purchase it," the journal's report states, reported Allkpop.

Allkpop also stated that when asked Hyundai said that they were not aware of the issue. They said that they will not be able to confirm whether V purchased the vehicle as it is a breach of privacy matters.

V is a brand ambassador for Hyundai, but now he’s also the proud owner of his very own Hyundai SUV!V became intrigued...

Posted by BTS Maknae Line on Friday, 31 July 2020
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