BTS Member RM to Marry Long Time Fan, Korean American Online Community Claims; Big Hit Music Responds

South Korean rapper RM, whose real name is Kim Nam Joon, is getting married to a long-time BTS fan, according to a popular Korean American online community. The online community that leaked the news about singer Seo Taiji's marriage claimed the K-pop idol's bride told a close acquaintance about her marriage with the rapper. Big Hit Music recently responded to the speculations and denied RM's marriage rumour.

The latest celebrity gossip from the Korean entertainment industry came from the infamous YouTube channel Sojang. The YouTuber shared the shocking news with its 52,700 subscribers on Thursday. The channel quoted the Korean American online community and said the Seoul singer is getting married soon.

Sojang said a netizen shared the news on a community page. The social media user heard the rumour from a close acquaintance of the bride-to-be, who spoke about her wedding preparations. The netizen shared a screenshot of the conversation between the alleged bride and her close friend. The bride-to-be told her friend she was getting married, and the groom was BTS leader RM.

BTS RM Namjoon

The netizen claimed RM's bride belongs to a wealthy family and has been a fan of the boy band since its debut. She met the rapper in 2014 while attending a fan meeting and has been in touch with each other since then. The bride-to-be graduated from a prestigious university in the country, the social media user added.

Is RM Getting Married?

Although several netizens did not take the marriage news seriously, some social media users thought the rumor could be true. Earlier, the same online community claimed that singer Seo Taiji was getting married. When the news broke out, several people did not believe it. The rumor later proved true.

The Korean American online community also shared another celebrity marriage news, which proved true. So, Sojang claimed that BTS fans might hear about RM's marriage news in the upcoming days. Since the YouTube channel is known for reporting false information about Korean celebrities, netizens had mixed feelings about RM's marriage news.

BTS leader RM Instagram

Big Hit Music's Response

After the marriage rumors started doing the rounds online, Big Hit Music released an official statement about it. A representative from the agency said the speculations are not true.

It is worth noting that this is not the first RM entangled in a relationship rumor with this netizen, who is a BTS fan. According to industry insiders, she was involved in a dating rumor with the rapper when a picture of him holding a dog captured the attention of some eagle-eyed social media users.

The netizens claimed the dog belonged to the alleged girlfriend of the BTS leader. However, RM and his agency denied the dating rumors. The singer said he does not know the person and the poodle belongs to his close friend.

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