BTS Member Jimin's Solo Track from Upcoming Album Ineligible for KBS Broadcast

A solo track from BTS member Jimin's upcoming album Face has been deemed ineligible by KBS for broadcast. The K-pop idol submitted three songs -- Alone, Like Crazy, and Face Off -- from his upcoming solo album to the broadcasting station for deliberation. The broadcasting channel the results of their music review on Wednesday, March 22.

The track Face Off was deemed unfit for telecast by the broadcasting station. It is the first track on the BTS member's upcoming solo album. Jimin personally worked on the song along with teammates RM and Pdogg, GHSTLOOP, and EVAN. Here is why KBS stated solo track from Jimin's upcoming album Face is deemed unfit for broadcast.

KBS revealed that Face Off is deemed unfit for broadcast due to its lyrics with slang, indecent expressions, and curse words. The Korean heartthrob shared the news through his official social media pages, including Twitter.

BTS member Jimin Instagram/Jimin

Fans' Reactions

The fans shared their opinions about the decision made by KBS in the comment section. Here are a few of them:

If it's a recording, I don't know why they don't either ask them not to sing the swear words or bleep it out before airing it.

You know the song will be a banger if it isn't eligible for broadcast.

I really hope Jimin will do a concert. So he can perform all his songs live. But of course, with very advance notice for us, international fans can make our travel arrangements in advance too!

Does this mean he's not performing SetMeFree Pt2 on music shows anymore? I thought he was going to perform that song and Like Crazy.

Yes, more cursing in his songs. Glad he just let out his frustration and did whatever he wanted.

Meanwhile, Jimin will release his highly anticipated solo album, Face, on Friday, March 24. The BTS member will also release the title track of this album on the same day. The K-pop idol will make his solo US debut performance of the song Like Crazy on Friday through The Tonight Show.

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