BTS Member Jimin Shares Secret to Follow Strict Diet and Exercise Regimen for Shedding Weight

BTS member Jimin recently revealed the secret method that helped him follow a strict diet and exercise regimen for shedding some weight. The idol, 27, tried to maintain his weight under 50kg range while preparing for his solo debut. He followed a strict diet and exercise regimen to shed some weight. According to the global idol, it was difficult for him to reduce weight and maintain it within the 50kg (110 lbs) to 59kg (130 lbs) range.

The K-pop idol shared the secret tip through the behind-the-scenes video, which features the filming of his music video, Set Me Free Pt. 2. It is a pre-released single from his upcoming solo album Face, which will be released on Friday, March 24. The Korean heartthrob shared a making video of Set Me Free Pt. 2 music video on Thursday, March 23. He also opened up about his struggles of shedding weight and maintaining the 50kg range for his upcoming solo debut.

"It was not easy keeping my weight within the 50kg (110 lbs) to 59kg (130 lbs) range, but I'm kind of getting used to it now," the global idol said in the behind-the-scenes video.

The Secret Method

The global idol then shared the secret method that helped him follow a strict diet and exercise regimen to shed some weight with his fans across the globe. According to the BTS member, he wrote what he wanted to eat every night before going to bed. It helped him in a great way to follow the diet.

"Every night, I write down what I want to eat before going to bed. Yesterday I wrote, Kalguksu, Daechang, and Ramyeon. It's been so long since I've had Tteokbokki too. Kalguksu with Kimchi sounds amazing," Jimin explained.

Jimin- BTS

Fans' Reactions

His fans and netizens were impressed with the efforts he is putting in to stay fit and the hard work behind his musical projects. Hers are a few of them;

Jimin said he likes being at this weight because he feels lighter when he dances.

It's so crazy how strict he is with maintaining his figure, even though he debuted 10 years ago.

I guess it's true that he can feel his weight when he dances.

I should write the things I want to eat too and not eat them.

I'm glad Jimin eats healthily and takes care of himself. He's a very sweet guy. He's very open and very honest about it. He looks amazing no matter what. He's very toned. I don't know anyone who's got a physique like this. He works out too. He's very serious about exercise and he stays in great shape.

Jimin said Set Me Free Pt. 2 was made when he felt lost and depressed. He was determined to overcome those feelings, and this song conveys those feelings. The BTS member wanted to showcase the emotions in the choreography also. That's why the choreography turned out to be intense.

Watch the Video of Jimin Sharing his Secret below:

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