BTS 'Golden Macnae' Jungkook Gets Death Threat from an Account that Claims to Know His Residential Details

ARMY asks agency to probe and take strict action

Jungkook, who is also called the Golden Macnae of the most popular K-Pop band BTS, has reportedly got a death threat from a person who claims to know his residential address. The threat has come after the K-pop singer refused to eat food sent by one of the fans. In one of the live session on WeVerse Jungkook had requested fans to not send him food.


During the May 4 live session on WeVerse while interacting with fans Jungkook had insisted not to send him food as he is self-sufficient to buy food for himself. The Dreamers singer urged the fans to buy food for themselves. He emphasized that he would take appropriate action if his request was not honoured. But it seems his request did not go well with the fan who had sent him food , so his took social media account to threaten Jungkook.

The user threatened to kill Jungkook in one post by uploading an image of a knife with a text overlay. They also asserted that they were the ones who delivered the food to his home, chastising him for refusing to eat it and threatening to harm him if he didn't.

Users claimed that having a private account gave them a feeling of invincibility, showing no worry over being reported by ARMYs. As soon as this news hit the internet, Jungkook's fans were worried and asked for strong protection for him. However, neither Bighit Music nor the singer have confirmed or commented on the matter. BTS fans, known as ARMY, took to Twitter to share the news, urging Bighit Music to take action against social media accounts threatening Jungkook.

On the work front the Korean heartthrob recently achieved a career milestone when his song Left And Right surpassed the 600 million mark on streaming giant Spotify, making Jungkook the first K-pop soloist to do so. With the success of Left and Right, he has surpassed 1.1 billion streams, becoming the first K-pop solo artist to do so.

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