BTS Army Raises Concern Over Fans Inappropriate Behavior at Permission to Dance on Stage Concert [VIDEO]

BTS members -- RM, Suga, Jimin, Jin, V, J-hope, and Jungkook -- are currently busy with their Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Las Vegas. The Korean heartthrobs completed two of their live music events in the city over the weekend. The shows were held at the Allegiant Stadium on April 8 and 9.

The K-pop idols and their fans created several memorable moments together during their live on-stage performances. From replying to haters' comments to iconic interactions with fans, the boy band members made special memories with the army members. But over-excited fans also brought in trouble for both BTS and Army.

The fans recently raised their concern about the inappropriate behaviors of some fans who attended the Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Las Vegas. These fans were throwing several items onto the stage. The army was worried about the safety of their favorite boy band members and the other fans attending the live musical event.

BTS members performing during the Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Las Vegas. Twitter

Although it is a gesture of k-pop fans to show their love for their idols, more items were flying on the stage this time. Army shared several videos of the singers' dodging things during their performance. A few clips even featured them being hit by these items unexpectedly.

Army's Reactions

When some fans shared these visuals online, BTS Army shared their thoughts about it. A netizen urged the fans to stop throwing things onto the stage. Another netizen reminded the concert attendees about etiquette while attending the live musical show.

I need to get something off my chest. Let us not start throwing things at the guys during their cart time!!! This PTD tour is the first time they have done this in the US to get closer to ARMY. DO. NOT. RUIN. THIS...., another netizen stated.

I hate to sound like a grumpy old person, but let us get back to ARMY concert culture:

• don't stand on seats
• don't throw things
• have reasonably sized posters/flags
• hold /phones/posters at shoulder height
• have your masks on

Please make it enjoyable for all ARMY, the third person reminded the concert attendees

In light of what happened in LV, here is an updated concert etiquette poster. Pls, share this widely on social media & at the venue. Let's remind concert-goers that ARMYs keep BTS & ARMY safe, the fourth person said in a similar vein. The netizen also shared a screenshot of the concert etiquette.


'Poor Concert Etiquette'

A netizen said she saw poor concert etiquette by the fans attending the Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Las Vegas. According to the person, people were standing on chairs, holding up signs, light sticks, plushies, and flowers, making it difficult for other people to enjoy the show.

The netizen further explained how some people were rushing to the front of the aisles, leaving trash and spills, and asking the staff for the empty water bottles on the stage.

"I got hit by a couple of items (sunglasses and flowers) that people were throwing as well. I'm just glad it wasn't higher and near my face. Please stop throwing things at them. Not only does it potentially hurt the guys, but you can hurt your fellow ARMY as well", the netizen wrote.

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